Texas Wesleyan University Top Questions

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Texas Wesleyan is about the students. They have a great motto in smaller is better. I feel that the smaller class sizes help students focus. It is easy for students to get lost, especially in college courses. Smaller classes make it easier for one on one relationships between professor and student.


Smaller Smarter. That is Texas Wesleyan’s slogan and I have to say it is right. When walking around this beautiful campus it is not uncommon for professors to stop me to ask how I am progressing with my classes. They know my name and some I do not have for classes, but meet at campus events. Most of my classes have 8-15 students which allows for more open critical discussion in class and individual attention from professors. I plan on go to graduate school from here. Who better to write a recommendation than someone who really knows me?


i believe that my school is unique because it is such a small college. It is really easy to meet new people and make friends, but also in the same career field as you. Also the teachers are awsome and are always around if you need help. I i believe what sets us apart from other schools the most is that my school has a close bond with its students, faculty and everyone is kind and willing to help in anyting you need help in.


The school itself reminds me of my high school because of the size of the school of classes. The classes of this school is fairly similar to the size of that of my high school around 20 to 25 people and the school is fairly small making it easily to get around. This made it possible for me to adjust to college life fairly easy because it reminded me of high school and I enjoy coming to a school that I can become familiar with so easily.