Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A quaint little school that allows ample opportunities to finding the future career that, not only perfectly matches you, but allows you to benefit the world in a positive light.


Texas Woman's University is made of interdependent relationships, which constantly and consistently intertwine for the purpose of growth in character, knowledge, and innovation.


My school is fun, yet it lacks substance after 2 years.


My school is very small.


Texas Woman's University is a school where there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, stay active, and have fun.


The professors are friendly, but parking is terrible.


The best place in the world


My school is very well organized, nice campus, friendly students, and also awesome classes.


My school is a very friendly and homely school.


My school is one of the most amazing and beautiful colleges to attend in Texas because it is very specific towards health studies and we are able to have more one on one time with our professors.


It is a diverse and beautiful campus with a rich heritage that has a very helpful staff that wants you and wants to help you succeed.


Texas Woman's University is a friendly and safe campus that offers an outstanding education.


Texas Woman's University is a well-maintained, small campus that allows for students to have one-on-one interaction with faculty; additionally, it provides students with many campus resources that are very beneficial to students' academics and health.


So far I have found the professors and staff to be very helpful and I'm making a lot of new friends, however, Texas Woman's University was a traditional university for women until just over a dozen years ago, and I find that meeting guys to socialize with is not much of an option for a single woman!


Texas Woman's is not a difficult university if you choose a major you are interested in and you strive to make a good impression on important professors.


TWU is geared toward the healthcare professions and is a good place for the low tuition costs


My school supports every student and encourages them to graduate and start their own careers.


My school is a very intimate and clean environment where it encourages the students to consistently perform well in their academic/career endeavors.


Very geared towards the success of students.


It is a convinient location for me to attend.


Ethnicly divers, academically focused, and friendly.


Texas Woman's University is a friendly, peaceful environment for woman (and some men) who know what they want out of life, their careers, and their futures, and who want professors, and ultimately a university who is interested in their success.


The school is very friendly, has a high graduation rate, and a low drop-out rate. The programs, teachers, and activiities are diverse and you can even start some of your own. It is very easy.


TWU is a very competitive school, but small enough where you can still get lots of one on one help from the teacher.


Inclusive, mainly women, helpful professors, and great landscape and facilties.


My school is predominately all women, but several men attend.


Very diverse and competitive and allows the person self discovery


Texas Woman's University is a great school for those who want to feel at home.