Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

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The most obviously unique thing about my school is it's predominantly women. Other things that made it stand apart were the the small campus size, strength of the kinesiology department, and its closeness to a large city. I also really loved the honors program because it offers many opportunities that other honors programs don't! All of those were things I knew before I got to school, but once I started I found that all of my professors were very approachable and enthusiastic about their subjects. Most of my classes were fairly small too. It's very diverse too!


It is a university that is not too big. They have meduim size classes and instructors that really care about your success. The staff really try (and succeed) at making your college experience the best that it can be.


Texas Woman's University is unique because of the school history. Texas Woman's University was founded in 1901 as a university for all women until 1972 men were allowed to be admitted into the university. Texas Woman's University has a distinctive traditional ambiance to the campus life. The campus faculty and staff are ready to lend a hand and made me feel home compared to other schools I considered. I am enrolling as a transfer to Texas Woman's University; I appreciate the university making my process smooth and provided me with a lot of information.


Smaller campus, ethnically and culturally mixed. Lots of student involvement in the community. Professors are great!


I think that the unique thing about my school right now is that there are more females than males. If you are a woman you feel so much more secure and confident to participate in campus activities and class activities than what I would feel anywhere else.


The school is very academic oriented. It is very small.


To me Texas Woman's University is unique compared to other schools because it is a small campus, but it has a lot more to offer then most. It's size allows more one on one contact, and everyone there is willing to help each other. Teachers are easier to get in touch with if you need help, and you alway have someone around who can help you with anything you need. Everyone is so nice and it's easy to meet to people who share the interests as you.


At TWU, there is a higher standard and requirement to attend class, which weeds out the "drifters" who don't take college seriously yet. With 85% women, college has a much different feel than I had expected. I feel most who attend TWU are very serious about pursuing their education, and are more interactive and involved in campus activities and projects. There is a great respect among students and instructors, and the atmosphere is peaceful and productive. The majority of students in my classes are overachievers and perfectionists, and really help to engage and challenge the other students.


Its extrememly caring and diverse


Compared to other university's my school is unique because it is a down-to-earth campus.


What's unique is the diversity here. There's diversity in every school but this university has lots of it. Also i like the fact that people care about education rather than blowing it off like nothing.


Since I am a mother it was nice to find that TWU has a Family Housing program to allows parents and their children to live on campus while the parent goes to school.


What is unique about my school compared to other shcools is that TWU is school that was built for women and strictly for women. This university succeeded greatly during a time when women were critized and ridiculed for wanting their own education and their own furture. TWU is an historical university which holds the honor of having the first nationally accredited nursing school in the state of Texas. It also holds the honor of being the largest university primarily for women in the United States. This school have given women the chance to succeed when all odds were against them.


Rutgers University-New Brunswick is the top leading research school in the nation, meaning it has lots of opportunities to offer. Besides that, the great sense of community and school spirit supporting every student always amazes me in that there is always someone to help you when you need it, whether it be a friend, advisor, or professor even.


I find that my school is able to help those who messed up during high school and after.


Mostly woman attend this university and it is geared to teaching and nursing. The professor are not out ot get you.




Less expensive, good programs, and small classes.


They are very family friendly at the TWU campus. If someone has a family conflict or emergency, the professors are understanding and let them make up their work.


The instructors really care about the students and develop a personal and professional relationship with them in order to help them be the best nurses that they can be.


This school is small and teachers know you on a fist name basis.


Texas Woman's University is not too big and also not too small. I think it is just the right size, and it is located in a small town. The town around is very nice and everyone looks out for each other, but if you want to you can go into the downtown area a little bit and go shopping or eat out. You receive the best of both worlds with the small town atmosphere and the big city shopping.


It is mostly women who attend, but several men come and they stick out!


It's very diverse and feels safe walking around campus. There's little, if no, violence in this school.


The professors really care about the students here, I have gotten to know most of my teachers on a personal level. They are willing to do anything to help you.


What's unique about TWU is that it is a public school that is majority women. The atmosphere is wonderful for encouraging women to go forward in a career path which could be harder to accomplish at another school. TWU is known nationally for its PT program and Nursing schools.