Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Campus Activity Board is one of the most popular student groups here at TWU. The students who are apart of this organization have the ability to plan and execute many of our most fun activities. Some of which are the spring fling and the fall festival. These are two of many fun activities that are created to help bring the students together and give their mind a break from their studies.


The sororities are very popular they have lots of advertisements and events. I am personally involved in the DAA (disability awareness association) and clay underground (a pottery club). However studying takes up most of my time.I met my to closest friends in my introduction to chemistry class, that class was tough and me and to other girls formed a study group, we passed!!! and we bonded and still hang out every week even though the class is over. On the weekends i hang out with my roommates who do not attend TWU, sometimes we just watch movies and play video games and other time we go see concerts at. Last thursday for example me and my boyfriend went to see the Gords (a silly "knee slaping" country band) at Dan Silver-leafs it was fun and hilarious.


There are tons of great student groups to be involved with on campus. When you live in the dorms or in the apartment communities, there are always monthly activities in a common area or clubhouse to participate in. I know that in my apartment community last week, they had a valentine card making event in our clubhouse. We made valentine cards to give to the residents at a local nursing home. It was a lot of fun to socialize with my friends and grab a quick break from my studies and do something good for the community. There are lots of great organizations based on your career and major that you can join. I know for Music Therapists, I am in the Student Association of Music Therapy. We have meetings every other week and gather once a month to go to local nursing and retirement homes in the community to sing and play our instruments for the residents and have a mini music therapy jam session. In the Spring, we have a Music Therapy Awarness Week throughout the campus and the Denton community. We host different events to educate our fellow students on campus, and hold a drum circle on the town square at the end of the week where the residents in the Denton community can come out for a night of music and fun. It really is a great organization to be a part of. I have met many friends through SAMT and overcome a lot of my stage fright issues, by going to sing and play for the community. It's a great organization! Not much partying goes on on camups, so I never see that as an issue. Sororities exist, but are not a huge focus of the student population. I would say as far as fun things to do in Denton, you have to be creative. There are lots of monthly events around the Square to go to, but there are also several other towns around that offer more opportunites to do other activites, such as horseback riding in Pilot Point, shopping in Lewisville or Southlake, and much more. There are definitely other and better activities to participate in besides drinking.


Some of the most popular groups are of course the traditional fraternities and sororities, but so are the other organizations that may be solely based on your degree field. Any organization or group can be just as popular as another, depending on who you ask. Because I am a married woman with 2 daughters, I do not pay attention to the partying or the dating scene. I come in, do my work, talk to people and go home. There are events that are held continuously throughout the year, so every event or activity that is considered fun have to deal with drinking alcohol.


Well we don't have a football team, but believe me there is still plenty to do. There are over 100 organizations for you to join on campus and if there isn't one that you feel fits you, well then you can start one yourself! We have five competitive sports teams: soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and gymnastics. These are also offered as intramural sports, plus we just began a Quidditch league for all you Harry Potter fans out there. Are you more artistic? There is always a dance performance, choir concert, theater production, music show, or art exhibition occurring at TWU.


Everything on campus is promoted widely. All events of any kind are encouraged by everyone. We full of spirit and pride and are always supporting teams, drama, artists, scientists, etc. Anything anyone is doing that is in someway showcased is posted and rapidly sent out to the entire student body in order to involve everyone.Everything is popular to its own group of people whose interests coincide with the activity.