Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The workload and how different it was from High School.


Because Texas Woman's University is a predominantly female school.there is not enough males to form a football team which leads a substantial lack of school spirit.


The worst thing about my school doesn't have anything to do with the educational side of things. From my experience so far, that part is great! However, not having very many guys really changes the atmosphere on campus. I also wish we had more sports teams (guys sports teams would be nice but that couldn't happen here) and that people didn't go home on the weekends. Most people go home because most people who come here live fairly close to home!


The worst thing I consider about my school is the intense work load you will have if you don't manage your time well or procastinate.


The only thing that's worst about Texas Woman's University is some of the professors doesn't help us as students to understand the lectures. They don't break it down by details. They expected us to understand this and some students doesn't understand because of the teaching we have learned expectly firsted year student coming into college. I'm a freshman in college and it hard for my to understand lecture. The teaching styles are differnt for my and it's making me struggle. Some professors' is just there to be there and that not helping me.


The most dreadful time of the year is toward the end of the semester, when students being to spiral down as professors continue demand greatness.


Not enough opportunities for students to think outside the typical life box. No innovation, it's just learn to get a degree and get a nice paying job.


I dont like how they have no place to go when it is raining.It is hard not to get wet


The worst thing at TWU is probably the hours of operation for the places the serve food. They all close so early that it is inconvenient a lot of the time to have to rush over to the building to eat. Over all, the facility operational hours for anything in the school are just inconvenient.


A lack of communication between departments and students (particularly financial aid)


The only bad experience I had while attending my university was one particular teach being very unhelpful.


The worst thing I would consider is the amount of faculty for a major. There is not a wide variety of professors, therefore not that many time slots to choose from when picking classes, making it a frustrating situation at times.


The worst thing about TWU is a lack of university traditions. In the past, there seemed to be a lot of "school pride" that is completely absent from the school today. The school is also spread out between 3 campuses: Denton, Dallas and Houston, TX. I wish the university had more traditions, more advertising and a chancellor who is connected with the students.


I really don't think there is anything wrong with my school. I have met students that go there, and they say that it is an awesome school, nice campus, and the staff is very helpful. Personally I already want to go and see it for myself and incounter with students and learn what the teachers teach.


The lack if nursing instructors results in very few spaces for the nursing program.


The worst thing about my school is that it is too small. Sometimes I wish it was bigger that way there would be more people here that weren't so afraid to be different and express themselves. It just seems like everyone pretty much is normal here. I am totally abnormal. I would just like to see more people be themselves and not follow what society has considered to be normal here.


My school is great, the worst thing is actually parking. Thousands of students but only hundreds of parking spaces. It's survival of the quickest.


There isn't really a "worst" in my school. My school is prodominantly women but still a traditional college. The only thing I feel that is missing is more parking, better food, and more sports. We do have great teams as it is, but we lack the traditional sports. I think if those sports were implemented, I would gain the whole traditional "college experience" that everyone else at other campuses get.


That it is so far away from my home. I live in Flower Mound, Texas and that is approximately 45 minutes away from my campus. I am able to take most of my coursework in online classes, however they do require some face to face meetings through out the semester.


Texas Woman's University is a fine school. The only disadvantage to this school is the location. I currently live about 30 miles from the school which makes for a long week when I am traveling back and forth 4 times a week. I would like Texas Woman's University to offer more long distance courses as well.


The social life at this school is very poor. The full college experience not only includes grades and classes in a good academic life, but a social life where people can go out and make friends. After a year and a half at this school , I have found it difficult to make friends and go out to places I enjoy with others.


What I consider the worst thing about my school is that it no longer gets the recognition it deserves. By now most people have long since forgotten what TWU represents. This school has done amazing and wonderful things in the name of women. During a time when women were looked down upon for attending college, they prevailed. I do not think that people appreciate what this university has done for so many women both in the past and the presant.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is the dorm hours, which is very minor. I believe this is the worst thing because I like having friends and loved ones over without having housing staff coming up to the room to say that its time for company to head home. I like the feel of home while I'm at school, and having friends around makes it much easier.


By far, the worst thing about my school is the inter-office communication. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing at Texas Woman's University in terms of administrative business. For example, the Office of Student Records (transcript office) is incredibly disorganized and processes transcripts slowly, often losing them. This office is not in very good contact with the advisors, who unknowingly recommended that I take an English course that my transcript later proved I did not need. I would recommend that students follow up on transcripts sent, received, and processed by any University.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is the cost to live on campus, and the fact that the rates seem to be going up every year. Other than that, I do not believe much is wrong with TWU.


Our campus has a huge commuter population and barely any classes are offered on Friday. Most people go home by Thursday or Friday and won't return until Sunday. The campus is dead on the weekends and is realtively quiet. If you want to have fun you will have to plan to go out with friends out to the Denton Square, the shopping district, or the movies.


I don't know.


Parking! There is not enough spaces and when you have to park in Lowry and walk to the dorms it seems pretty far at night


Financial aid, lack of housing/parking


The worst thing about my school is the limited space for parking. The amount of students that are enrolling into Texas Woman's University is increasing but there is not enough room for people to park. That is a major problem.


The cafeteria is not big enough.


The worst thing about my school is how liberal it can be. It is so "politically correct" that it usually misses out on reality.


Texas Woman's University may not be your typical university in the fact that you will not find many parties, or groups of people congregating around the campus. It is a small campus; very clean and very beautiful, for individuals that want to learn.




The worst thing about this school for me is that since high school I have always been friends with boys. It was always harder for me to keep girls as friends and going to this school was a completely new experence because it's 90 percent girl 10 percent boys. I feel that is the downside to this school because of the fact that there are barely any men here, but it is not far from UNT or other places to go out so it's not a complete downer.


Still women based more even though men attend the university as well, less oppurtunities for men.


I didn't receive as much help in finding a job after graduation, as I anticipated.