Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The staff is very friendly. I enjoy the professors. Learning is an obvious driving force at this institution.


Just what I've been looking for. The size enables me to know my surroundings and the teachers are attentive to students and are ready to help them whenever they are in need


My favorite part about the school is definitely the price. The campus is very beautiful and in a safe area, and the education is also much better than what I thought I would get. If I could change anything it would definitely be the political climate. There are way too many Conservative and religious groups here for my taste. More than one student organization is strictly based of pro-life beliefs, they post things around campus that make my skin crawl, not only because of how misinformed they seem but also because of some of the images and phrasing they choose. I think TWU is a bit small, you see pretty much the same faces every day. When I tell people that I go here I get mixed replies based on age. People several years older than me seem to think it's an amazing school because it was so much more difficult to get into back in the day. Those closer to my age, however, ask if there are a lot of homosexuals, why I didn't go to UNT instead, and if men are allowed in. I spend most of my time on campus in Stodarrd Hall, (which is in front of the Gertrude Gibbons memorial, previously know as the "smoking tree" because it was good seating for the most popular smoker's outpost before they abolished tobacco products on campus) even though it's a fairly old building it has the best Wi-Fi and is generally pretty quite. Denton is THE college town. There are many business that are geared towards college students, and give discounts. Lots of mom and pop shops, and very authentic feel to it. Most time off campus is spent on the Square. Our 21st birthday tradition is a bar crawl on the Square. The school administration is something I don't agree with. Many of the employees are students who clearly don't have enough training in their department. Those employed in the Finical Aid office are hopeless. On the plus side, the director is amazing. As soon as you send an e-mail they'll clear up any issues you're having. In my experience I haven't noticed a huge amount of school pride. TWU usually isn't someone's first choice, and that resonates in most of us.


Ever since I transferred to TWU I have felt like TWU is proud to have me as a student. For example on valentines day in the underground (the cafeteria) they passed out roses and chocolate to everyone for free.I also like the size of my school because it dose not take too long to walk from class to class. The campus is beautiful there are tons of trees and grass, and the buildings are also very nice and clean.


The best thing about this school is not being distracted from studies easily. It is a huge commuter school and so not too many crazy things happen on campus. One thing I would change is the rule that every person under 60 hours has to live on campus or at home. I understand why they would do that for freshmen, but after that, freedom really should be given, especially since a large majority of students are nursing majors and will only be there while they are under 60 hours.There's also the fact that the school is getting larger in population, but not in dorm space. I think my school is a rather small school, but it's the perfect size for me. I like the small environment. People usually assume I am a nursing major whenever I tell them I go to this school. I spend most of my time in the main lab when I am on campus. Denton is definitely a college town. With UNT and TWU in Denton, and NCTC just around the corner in Corinth, so many businesses give out college discounts and there's areas of the town that you really only see college kids at. I honestly do not know much about the school administration. I do know there are a lot of people that are getting upset about living issues on campus though. Not enough room for the amount of people who have to live on campus.As well as parking. So many people get pretty upset that they pay for a parking pass then end up having to park at the near by walgreens because there isn't anywhere else to park. There really isn't that much school pride, kind of hard when your mascot is a pioneer and there isn't football. People probably see the fact that there are not that many guys at the school as pretty weird, not having football is a bit weird as well. One experience I will always remember was the week before classes started. They have a freshman camp week basically, and there's so many fun activities to do, including riding a mechanical bull. The most frequent complaints would be about parking and meal plans.


I think that this school is quite amazing. Even though people say that the tuition has gotten higher i believe this is a very affordable school with a good education system. I love the open-ness of all the campus staff hand workers. I think its is really amazing how they have a bunch of student organizations to be a part of too. As for the town it is a little on the boring side. It is fun when your 21 because it has bars everywhere but if you want to have fun like a club or something Dallas would be your best bet. But Dallas is one 30 to 45 min away anyways so thats good. I also believe that this school would be a lot better if you come and have a car. It is quite essiential because it will get you places and you dont always have to rely on the bus to take you places. Overall this school is a good basics school if you dont want a large crowd and want to focus a lot on your school work.


This school is amazing! My first semester here was incredible. It is so easy to get involved here, everyone is so helpful and the over all atmosphere of the campus is so inviting. The size is perfect, some classes are large but I really enjoy how small the classes are because I feel a sense of belonging because the students and teachers really get to know you. My favorite thing to do at TWU is walk around campus between classes. The campus is so beautiful and well kept, its very peaceful and quiet to walk around. Denton is a college town because of TWU and UNT but its a very nice city and has a beautiful downtown square that is very nice at night. The school faculty is top notch. All of my teachers are very friendly and are willing to help you out in any situation. Going to class isn't the funnest thing ever, but TWU makes it easy and enjoyable.


Texas Woman's University is a great school. It has a wide variety of majors and minors to choose from. It is a good school for me because it's smaller, and while sometimes I wish it were a little bigger, I like the small class sizes and the individual attention/help you receive in the classes. Denton, Texas is definitely a college town, which is also shared by University of North Texas. It's small, but it has your basics covered as far as food, shopping and fun things to do. Plus, it's only 34 miles north of Dallas and about an hour away from Ft. Worth, so it is also a good commuting school if someone couldn't live on campus. One thing that TWU lacks in, is in school spirit. Hate to say it, but it's true. Our mascot are the Pioneers and while everyone knows that, most people don't exactly know what the official Pioneer of the school looks like. If you are a college football fan, then this school might not be for you, because we don't have a football team, not many boys to even think about creating one. But we do have gymnastics, which a lot of people come out to support and our school spirit definitely shines through there, and at the other sporting events we have and offer on campus. One interesting fact about Texas Woman's University, is that it was the first music school in Texas when it opened it's doors in 1909. I am currently a Music Therapy Major, and I love it. Music Therapy is used as a medium to help children, teens, adults and the elderly in crisis, clinical, rehab and therapy situations. It is a great field to study, and one of TWU's jewel programs. People come from all over the world to study under the outstanding music professors. It is a career that few colleges offer. That is what I really love about TWU, is that they offer some of the many careers that are up and coming in the medical field that many other universities fail to provide. TWU's population has grown so much in the last several years, that they have literally run out of dorms and apartments to house the students in. So, housing is a factor to consider, before deciding to live on campus. The Housing Department is well aware the they have an issue on their hands, and are making plans to expand student housing. One thing that people need to know is that students are required to live on campus if they are under 21 years of age or they have less than 60 credit hours. They require that based on a study that was conducted many years ago, based on students that live on campus during their freshman and sophomore years, were more likely to graduate, than students who moved off campus after their freshman year.


When I first arrived, I was actually intimidated. I thought that I would not belong or "mesh" well with other people, but I was wrong. The environment is probably one of the best qualities about this university. It seems accepting and welcoming and from the instructors that I have come in contact with, they genuinely desire to help students succeed. The only problem that I am facing now is the fact that a number of the buildings on campus have gone to an automatic door opening system. The doors open at 7 a.m.; however I am a student that gets a ride and is normally here at 6:30, well you can see my issue. Luckily the Student Union is open early. I have not experienced this myself, but I do here quite a few complaints regarding the parking. It does seem a bit congested and lacks space, but again, I do not drive to school so I cannot truly judge that statement.


One of the things that really attracted me to TWU when I was a senior in high school was it's size. It was big enough to have that college campus feel, but small enough to where I could know a majority of the students in my classes and the professors could know me by name. I can get to one end of campus to the other in just a ten minuet walk, but we're not so cramped that I feel crowded. Now I will be honest and inform you of some of the not so great aspects of TWU. We are an exponentially growing campus. More students are enrolling faster than the school can expand. Parking has been a huge issue since day one of my college experience here. And every year it seems as though the cafeterias become more crowded and loud. However, if you can put up with a few extra faces, it's worth it because while there are more students each year, the class sizes are still relatively small, allowing you to have a good one-on-one relationship with your professor.


TWU is my home away from home. I am so comfortable here, I looked at nearly 27 schools and have never once regretted my choice to come here. The faculty works to make each person feel important and gives them all the attention they need to be successful. The honors program especially works to make students feel like they are all number one priority