Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is definetly not just women. Many males do go to this college. This is the perfect school for someone who wants classes about the size of high school classes. Also someone who wants their teachers to be involved. The smaller classes allows the professors to engage and remember students names as well as help more often.


Anyone who has ever been treated like an outsider, let down because they were different or mocked for being able to march to the beat of their own drum. Welcome home.


A person who desires more individual interaction with professors would be a good fit. Also, someone who feels like they are not just smart, but creative as well. A person who is willing to outstep their comfort zone and try new things, a person who isn't afraid to be competetive, but is still willing to do all that they can to give back to their community. A person like that would be an amazing fit, and should really consider applying for TWU.


This is a great school for anybody. I've met all kinds of people. I'm a shy person around people I don't know, so if you're shy it will be difficult meeting new people, but roommates help with that!


Anyone who desires to get a job after graduation, and they are academically focus.


someone that is open to many opportunities and ways of learning.


Any kind of person can attend this school. There is a variety of students that attend TWU and it is very easy to find a place that you belong here. There are many organizations that will open their doors to anyone willing to try new things and meet new people. Of course, if your not someone who likes to meet new people, then there are quiet rooms in the library where you can go be alone and study if you'd like. I guarantee that whatever your into, you'll find an organization or someone who shares the same interest.


Anyone with a passion in nursing or physical therapy should attend Texas Woman's University. While their main programs is nursing and physical therapy, they also offer a wonderful dance and education program. People who like a quiet and hands environment should consider looking into Texas Woman's University.


I believe the school is very beneficial to anyone seeking a degree in a health profession, especially nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy or healthcare administration. In additon, the school is non-discriminating against sexual orientation, being a gay male, I had absolutely no issues being out on campus.


A married person since there are about half of the students who are married.


A person who does well in small groups would really flourish here. Many classes require group projects, further allowing students to really interact with the material and each other.


someone who doesnt mind cultural differences and isnt going to college just to party.


Texas Woman's University is culturally and enthinically diverse. A vast number of individuals who attend TWU are from minority races yet there is a friendly atmosphere amongst all the students. Individuals who attend TWU must be willing to work hard with one another and respect other person's opinions. They must accept that everyone is different and unique in their own ways and desire to understand the importance of variation in personality, strength, and characteristics.


The type of person that should attend TWU is anyone that is afraid about leaving home or afraid about the college experience. Texas Woman's University makes every one of their students feel welcome and provides a positive kind -loving atmosphere to all their students. This college prpepares you for the real world. They are kind and dedicated and all about their students. If you have the desire to succeed they will help you.


My school is a very diverse school and offers a lot of dirreferent programs. I think it would be a good school for any person to attend.


Students with potential for their degree should attend this school because your degree will not just be handed to you. Students have to want to succeed and the professors also want them to succeed. Both boys and girls can attend Texas Woman's University.


A person who wants to focus on school and school only.


Someone who is really not judgemental and is used to being in a really close dynamic with their peers, we're all really relaxed here.


Someone that likes to be around diverse people and are friendly, outgoing, and sweet. Someone that wants to succeed in life and studies when they need to.


I would say this school is good for Non-Traditional Students, Students with kids, students who are either female or a gay male. This school is very diverse thought and allows for a whole bunch of different people. This school is instill in you a great sense of school spirit, comfort, and acceptance from day one.


The person who should attend Texas Woman's University should be serious about academics and their career. TWU offers a few top notch programs in career fields that are highly respected in this country. For example, the nursing program is one of the best, if not the best, in Texas. Though it is difficult to be accepted into the program, the academics and quality of education one gets is phenomenal and well worth the money. A student serious about their career and serious about learning should attend this school.


This university is for a self-motivated and well organized individual. The administration expects students to plan most of their own courses and activities on his or her own. For some people this may seem overwhelming but for a person that knows what career path he or she wants to take this is an ideal school. A person that is a procrastinator should avoid this university. Most teachers give students all of the homework early on in the semester and expect you to complete it by the end of the term. If you procrastinate this could decimate your grades.


Anyone who wants to go into the medical field in occupations such as nursing, physcial therapy, occupational therapy, etc. should come to this school. This is also a convienent school to commute to as the majority of students communte from their home to school everyday. However if you choose do this you must be dedicated and willing to keep your grades up and be invovled. Wonderful school that demands a lot of hands-on experience before grad. school.


This school has something for every kind of person out there no matter the personality type or background. The only thing is that if you have a problem being at school that is mostly women (THERE ARE MEN THOUGH), then maybe this school is not for you.


Female, determined, and independent.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who wishes to learn and experience diversity. Texas Woman's University is a co-educational school which embraces and attracts people from all over the country as well as abroad. Men should not be afraid to come to this university simply because of its name. As a male at TWU, I have learned a lot about women and how they view the world as well as themselves. I have learned to be more appreciative of women collectively as well as the individual woman.


A fucking idiot


A person that is well committed to their degree plan. Anyone interested in the Performing Arts or Sciences.


Someone who is serious about school , preferably a health major.


The type of person who should attend the school should be a very open minded person. The variety of people, beliefs, and ideals are so diverse that a few classes that you have to take here require you to keep ur mind open.




Texas Woman's University is open to all people. It is a mostly female campus, but there are a few men working on an education or nursing degree. Anyone who is working on a degree in nursing, therapy (of any sort), education, or dance should come to Texas Woman's University. This university prides itself on being the best in these fields and it delivers.


Anyone. TWU doesn't have the reputation it should. Its a really good school.