Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and tell myself what I know now I would tell myself not to be so scared. It is easier than most people think. I would also tell myself to be prepared to never have a second to waste. Between work and school there is a lot of stress on time. The college life is nonstop but easy to excell in as long as you dedicate yourself to what is important. I would tell myself not to be afraid to ask questions because the professors want to help you. College is not like in the movies or on TV.


Here's the deal, times are quickly changing. You are about to enter a crazy whirlwind of life that will be equal parts of terrible and beautiful. There are things that will happen out of your control, but know that everything will make you stronger. Stand strong in your beliefs and don't change them just because you think someone is cute. If people want to leave, let them go. Better people will choose to stay. There are a few job opportunities that will come in early, but you will push off until later. Take them, because you'll miss being able to only do them just once. You're a strange girl, just embrace it. Part of your quirkiness is the reason behind some of the best friends that you have. As much as you love your t-shirt and jeans, try dressing up. You will come to enjoy it and it really does help your confidence level. Remember that it's alright to receive help from people and it's alright to achieve things on your own. School is important, but socializing is as well. Find a balance. Remember to breathe. Enjoy the life around you!


If I could go back in time and give myself advice while I was I high school senior, the first thing I would say is not to take AP Calculus. I didn't know this until I got here, but even if I had passed the AP Exam, the credit I earned wouldn't have gotten me out of any classes here. It's important when taking dual credit to make sure it will work in your favor! Another thing I would say is to be patient with friendships. I struggled in high school with feeling a part of a close friend group. I would encourage myself to keep being a friend to everyone and don't give anyone reasons to be mad at you, and eventually you will build strong relationships over time. I'm still struggling with that now, but I've gained that perspective with patience that I didn't have before. Finally, I would tell myself to stay ahead on homework and not let deadlines pile up. If you are strategic about getting projects done and space out your work, you will save yourself a lot of stress at crunch time!


As a high school senior, I was very academically focused and this would often stress me out to unordinary extents; furthermore, the anticipation of transitioning into college only heightened those extents. If I could go back in time and talk to my seventeen year old self, I would say just one word: “relax”. I have recently completed my first semester of college at Texas Woman’s University, and the transition was not nearly as tough as I imagined it to be. I truly love the college experience and I encourage many others to advance to higher learning. I would tell my high school self that in the future I am exactly where I want to be and I love where my life has taken me. Truthfully, all I would want myself to know is that trying my best was enough. Lastly, I might hint to myself that I need to purchase some rain boots because the roads at Texas Woman’s University turn into rushing rivers during a thunderstorm.


If I could give my high school self advice it would be to take full advantage when it comes to preparing for college and do not procastinate. Look into majors, research schools, and find scholarships. I did not dedicate myself to these as actively as I should have in high school and now I wonder if I am on the right track or if there is more I should be doing. I also say to research schools because sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake jumping straight into a four year university since I often feel like I am way ahead of what I am capable of. Lastly, I say find scholarships because student loans are a killer and I often worry about whether I will be in debt for the rest of my life trying to pay for an education i'm not even sure I can complete. I would advise my high school self to try be prepare for the future basically and don't waste time. You are young and don't have to have all the answers but be sure this what you want and make a plan on how to get there.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. While college is not easy, you are smart and you can do it. Study hard, but also have some fun. Do not put off going to school, it is important especially for what you have planned in life. Ask questions when you do not know the answers, and listen carefully to everything that the professor says. Do not rely on anyone else, you are the key to your future and your happiness. Tomorrow will be here before you know it, do not waste today or you will have regrets.


Stop stressing. Yes, you are going to live on your own for the first time, you'll have to take care of yourself. Classes are going to be hard. But not impossible. It's going to be one of the best experiences of your life. You are gonna have to work to keep your GPA up. But you can do it. It's hard at times, but you meet so many great people and have such amazing times. It will be all worth it. Enjoy the time you have left at home, but know that it's going to be great to be on your own. There are great oppertunites and people that help you not feel so home sick. So don't worry. Your going to do great.


Don't skip out on your education. You are a bright young man, don't give up on yourself. Just because you came from poverty doesn't mean you have to stay in poverty. Many great things are in your grasp, reach out and take it. It's scary as hell, yes, but the trip is worth the full plunge and nobody will think less of you if you go for it. I believe in you, you always have trusted in me. This time, just go for it.


Accomplishing college and receiving a degree has to be one of the greatest accomplishments in your life. Although, I am not finished with my college career, I encourage you to keep going! Don’t ever give up on your dreams and aspirations! There are going to be moments of being up and moments of being down while being in college Zakiyyah. Maintaining your good organizational skills will help you in future years to come. College is all about being organized and staying focused. Becoming personable to your professors and classmates will be your greatest resources. Most of all, do not forget what your mother and grandmother has taught you about keeping God first. God is your foundation Zakiyyah. You will do well in college and you have a great team of supports around you. Your transition to college is going to be an experience you will never forget.


Shasity, You should have applied to a magnet high school, because the high school you are currently in will not help you what so ever for what is to come. You should have also taken as many advanced placement courses as you could have, because that will save you a whole lot of money that frankly you just do not have. However, you still have a year left before you go to Texas Woman’s University. You will need to take as many advanced placement courses as you can this last year, so that you can save whatever money you can. Also, the best way you study is by writing the material again and saying it out loud. This has been the best way thus far, and let me tell you IT WORKS FOR YOU! So now that you are going to be taking these advanced classes do that and I promise you will pass the exams! Good Luck!


Knowing what I know now about college life I would tell my formers self to be patient and vigilant regarding your education also not to procrastinate because although you would like to think you have enough time it does fly by fairly quickly. Another thing I would tell myself would be to get involved in more volunteer experiences and activities to boost your interactions with others and stay in touch with your teachers because they are very important in your academic transformation from high school student to college student. Research the careers that you are interested in working in and what is required of these professionals as well as how much schooling is required there is no reason to wait start now while so your academic life can run smoothly. Overall I would tell my former self don’t stress yourself out about things that you can’t control but focus on the things that you can like making the grade.


If I went back in time to tell my senior self about college, I'll will say college is not a game. From being a first year college student the things I went through, I can say it hard. I will tell myself to start prepairing myself for lecture and staying up all night. You will be treated as a adult. You have to learn how to handle business and manage time. I would tell myself to start improving on the skills that I struggle the most in. As for help when I couldn't understand. Start taking college classes during the weekend and summer before going off to school. Think before you do anything. Listen to other people and their advice about college because they already went through it. I will tell myself that the things I learned in high school wasn;t the learning tools I needed for college. I should of as for help and study material that can already put me in a mind sit were I had a little help before I entered college. If someone would had told me this before I went to college I wouldn't be struggleing like I am now.


Take everything a day at a time. If you look at college as a four year monster filled with an assortment of unknowns, you'll just keep being afraid of the future, rather than going toward it gladly. Also, talk to people. Yes, orientation can feel like a bit of a stretch, and even the mentors' and group leader's personalitites will seem forced at times, but if you talk to people and are willing to put yourself out there a bit more, you'll have friends. And friends will make the transition easier. Don't be afraid to try new things. If you only stick to what you know from the past, you'll never be able to move forward to see what you can become. On a less serious note, take the stairs. Really, the elevators take forever to make it to the thirteenth floor. Take my word for it. The climb wont kill you, and even if you do trip and fall, you will survive the humiliation of the event. After all, no one else really takes the stairs, so who'll see you?


I would tell myself the real world is a struggle so prepare early. I used to think it was a game but now living with roomates i know the struggle is real i have to make something of myself before i can truly say im successful.


If I had a time machine, I would go back to my high school year when I was eighteen and tell myself to explore my world and get to know myself as I experience new things. I would advise myself to not follow the crowd or do what others expect of me, but to tackle whatever I do with integrity and hard work. My eighteen year old self also needs to know that she is smart and worthy. Beware of stereotypes and predjudices, and treat everyone with dignity. I would also say that it is okay to exclude people that are negative from your life. In short, I would tell myself all of the life lessons that I have learned in my fifty years. If I did that, my eighteen year old self would be the wisest high school senior of all!


I stood afar from my earlier ignorant mind; I gave time to witness the big eyed enthusiastic image of myself. I walked over and affectionately informed the young grasshopper to give less value to the opinions of those around her, because when the time comes the power ultimately lies within her. I gazed deep into her green eyes and said, “Megan continue to manifest your talents in song and dance by spending your days efficiently researching your individuality in both subjects.” I reviled the big secret and told her people in college aren’t much different than those in high school, but they are more afraid to take risk. I urged her to free fall in faith and stay resilient in love. I saw the pain from her homeless past and encouraged her to enrich herself with the power of education. I advised her to use that new found charisma, which can only be found from the college experience, to motivate others to push beyond their ideal dream and embrace unknown possibilities regardless of status.


If I could turn back in time and talk about college to myself, I would say to put more effort in my education. I did put effort but I needed more. College is very difficult especially if you're used to doing work from high school, which is not even hard if you think about it. Just wait until you get in college, now that’s the real deal, especially on tests. To take it seriously not as if “everything is going to be easy I’ll be fine.” I would tell myself to also raise money, to not let all the weight on my parents. And make it easier for them to pay my education and my books. That would really be a big relief. I would be more involved also because being involved in high school could have helped me a little bit more on my scholarships, but since I was not I did not get any. I would advice myself to actually try harder on the SAT. Having a good score on those could have help me better starting the year in college. The main thing is basically to just to try harder and not give up.


Work harder stupid!


I would tell myself to attend the college of my dreams from the beginning, not what makes my parents happy. I would tell myself that everything eventually does work out and no matter how hard times get, things get better. I would tell myself not to put too much stress on the social life and to make sure to worry about learning the things you need to learn to further your career. I would tell myself not to do anything for a boy, and to always make sure you are being true to yourself.


If I were able to travel back in time and give my previous self a few words of wisdom, I would absolutely stress the significance and value in passing as many Avanced Placement courses as possible! Though they may seem exceedingly tough at a stage when all you really want to do is slack off, the sheer amout of time and money that they prove to save if completed accordingly is beyond measure. I would also let it be known that the importance of branching out and experiencing as many clubs and activities as is feasible will later reveal its true value once applying for various schools, and scholarships as well! Beyond how well school-affiliated clubs may look on paper, they will also provide important social skills necessary in the transition from high school to higher education. Finally, I would make my former self aware that it is alright to make a few mistakes here and there; not every assignment needs to be an A+. While striving towards your absolute best is key, college thankfully is a place where second chances arise and the opportunity is available to study the fields that truly drive your passions in life.


I would tell myself, how important it is to focus on school and how easy studying can be if you are interested in what you are studying. I would also tell myself, that my goal is to become a Doctor of Psychology someday.


I would tell myself to explore every possible option. During my senior year in high school, I had tunnel vision. I was focused on graduating high school and attending Michigan State University. I was so dedicated to the college that I thought they would give me a full ride (or close to one) just because I was so interested in attending. Little did I know that I would end up switching potential schools to attend the whole summer after graduation. It was one of the most miserable times in my life. I didn't consider any other college until I was within weeks of beginning the freshman college school year. Since then, I've had to attend community college where I've felt disconnected from a life that could have been. I don't regret my mistake; I would just let myself know that there is always another way to obtain your goals. You might have to endure a rough patch or downfall, but as long as your mind, body, and faith are centered toward the success, there isn't any impossible act.


As a senior, I was not sure at first if I wanted to continue my education after graduation, but I was a well rounded student and athlete. Seniors in school often get stuck in this mindset that their work in school is done and they are leaving high school so they should not have to work as hard. I learned the hard way however, that to make the best impression you have to be consistent and finish very strong. As a junior I was ranked number 2 in my class of nearly 500 students, but as a senior it dropped more than a few spots to number 18. This may not be a bad for many students or parents, it is something to be proud of, however in my case, I made a lot of mistakes as a freshman in college which could have been avoided simply if I had kept up the great work and graduated number 2 in my class or even number 1. Because of my mistakes I am now having to pay for school through many loans, when the chance of a full ride was nearly at the palm of my hand.


There is not a doubt in my mind of the advice I would give to my younger self. Keep your syllabus. That packet has the due dates for all your assignments, it has when your up-coming tests are, it has what you'll be learning on a specific day...this thing has everything. It's much different than it is in high-school. Teachers would give you a syllabus that describes the purpose of the class with the teacher's phone number (yeah, like we'll ever need that). So, most students throw it away once they get all their supplies because high-school teachers will notify you on everything. It's not like that in college. YOU are responsible for your work. The teacher won't call your mom because you were absent and what homework is due next time. College professors expect you to turn in what is due on that day. It's possible that they won't ever mention it in the class, but they will still expect you to turn in it. With that, I would advice my former self to keep the syllabus and make sure you refer to it.


I would tell my high school self to be brave and trust God. Don't sweat the bad things because there are so many people who care about you and in a few years those things won't matter. I'd say, "Sam work harder for scholarships and decide where you want to go to school now, not because of what other suggest but because you like what the school offers." Don't compare yourself to everyone else, you're not them and you never will be. I'd say to pray more, and study the Bible more because you will need it later, it will save you so much trouble and heartache. I would emphasize the importance of asking for help and not being embarrassed by doing so. Be the example you want people to follow, do things deliberately not accidentally. Don't be afraid of the unknown because you will never know everything. High school is only four years, enjoy it but remember to not let it define the rest of your life. The last thing I would tell my high school senior self is to have fun and enjoy life because you only live once.


College is a place of learning as well as socialization. There's always something to do, and someone to talk to. There are so many places to just relax, and feel purely and simply alive. In college it is true that there's a lot of time walking between classes outside, and to feel like your part of something everyone is taking part of is amazing. Even if studying too much which can be a drag, there is still a flexibility available to students. Most memories of college students have been stressing over finals with a group of friends in the dorm or hanging out on campus and getting completely off topic and having a great discussion about everything, but nothing. However, it's really about the experiences that you have while there-,and those are unique to everyone. In fact, College is about getting good grades to acquire a good job, making friends, and enjoying the curriculum activities. It really is the best time of life. I would just say when you do go to college get connected with a group, it's the best thing you could probably do to immerse yourself in the college atmosphere.


Study harder and make sure that I take some classes while still in high school. Also I would get all of my challenging classes out of the way first so that when I start working I wont have to worry about the more difficult areas of study.


If I could go back to the beginning of my college career I would tell myself to swallow your pride and ask for help on occassion. I would reccommend getting 8 hours of sleep on the nights you don't have to stay up until four studying. I would say that while the high school teachers were exaggerating about how bad college was going to be, they were right about not being able to get A's without studying anymore. I would say there are more important things than being in a relationship your first year on your own and that it's ok to miss your mom and call her everyday. I would advise against getting that credit card "Just for gas to build your credit score," because we both know that rule is going to go out the window the second christmas shopping time rolls around. I would say that classes are important, but that finding good people to surround yourself with deserves equal attention. Most importantly, I would say don't ever think you are alone in feeling confused and scared about the future. Everyone around you is going through the same struggles and barely holding on.


Make as many upperclassmen friends as possible because they will be a great help making the transition. Get involved as much as you can. Also apply for as many scholarships as possible and never assume your tuition is going to be paid off. You might not get all the scholarships you thought you would get. Keep track of your assingments and things that are due because your teachers will not remind you when things are due! Do not over study, if you feel overwhelmed or tired take a break. You won't be able to retain information if you are running on E and all the studying will be in vain. Join study groups or start your own, it helps to study when you have others helping you out and studying alongside with you. And lastly, get out of your comfort zone and make lots of new friends.


Do not party much, atleast if you want to have fun make sure that you have everything done and done ahead of time if you want to do good in all your classes and dont over do yourself in hours.


As a high school senior, I would make myself explore more careers paths. In high school I was set on one career path and only two different jobs. I let myself get talked out of going to the college of my dreams. Looking back now I would change what college I stated out at, and what colleges I looked at slightly. I would explore more careers paths so I knew more of what I wanted. Now I have transfered colleges once and keep thinking I know what I want to do only to find out it's not meant for me. I now know more of what I want to do and also exactly what I don't want to do. Finally, I would tell myself to explore every opportunity and take chances, because going to a bigger school opened a lot more doors then I realized. As a high school senior I wish I would have followed my heart, had more experience, and much more self-confidence, because finding what you want to do is taking chances, the possibilty of failing on your first try, and learning that life is about making mistakes learning from them and moving forward.


I learned a lot form my first year in college. I found out that I was very smart and can do anything I set my mind to. What I would tell me high school self is that don’t go into college scared that you can’t do the work have an open mind. I would also tell my high school self, is to just have fun and don’t stress about not getting all As just do your best and that Is all that matters. College is not all about grades it is also to grow has a person and to make life time friends.


If I could go back in time when I was a high school senior and give myself advice about college, I would give myself a lot of helpful information. The first thing I would say to myself is that college is very different from high school! Studying is the key to success in college. If you do not study and retain the information, opposed to just memorizing the information, then you will not be successful. I would also say to myself, study for every test as if it were the final. Other advice I would give myself is not to be tempted by all the distractions that can come along with college. Staying focused is also important in being successful in college. Some distractions associated with college include partying and other individuals who are not focused. Hanging out with friends and going out sometimes is acceptable as long as school is the main priority. I would say to myself to only go out with friends if all my work is done. The last advice I would give is to have fun!


I would probably tell myself and others that there is alot more to college than what we think. I would reccomend to apply for as many scholarships as we are able to, due to the way the economy is and how financial aid isn't always there to help. That would be a big help to not get into debt with so many student loans. No one guarantees us that we will have a job right after we graduate with a pay that we desire. I would also strongly reccomend for students to speak to their advicers and school councelors about everything. Especially if you're like me and you are the first in your family to ever go to college. Your family can't help you, they've never done what you're having to do, and if you take your time to investigate and ask your councelors questions, you would save yourself alot of headaches and not commit so many mistakes in taking classes you don't even know if you have to take. It's better to ask about things you are not sure about to people that know, than to commit mistakes that lead to failure.


Four years of college resulted in not only academic knowledge but personal knowledge as well. Looking back at all that knowledge gained I realize that there is much advice I could give myself as a high school senior. One piece of advice would be to get involved on campus. The involvement on campus in the different organizations and events lead to some of the best experiences I've had in my life. It was also in these organizations that I made some of my best friends and obtained many valuable networking relationships for the future. As great as all these organizations are, I would also give myself the advice to choose wisely which organizations to get involved in, to not get involved with everthing and get overwhelmed. I have found balance between school, organizations, God, and self to be very important. Lastly, I would advise myself to trust God through all of college and to remember that He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me a hope and future (Jeremiah 29:11).


It is very difficult to adjust to being in college. However, you will adopt to the life.


Do not lose faith if things don't work out the way you plan. Remember to always focus on where you want to be in the end and not where you are right now, don't let the hurdles and speed bumps of life cause you to be afraid to continue on your journey. Lastly, you can do whatever you want aas long as it makes you happy in the end!


I think if I could go back into time to talk to myself when I was a high school junior I would tell her that she was in for some wonderful times, that she was going to do new things and meet people who really care about success.


Yulissa, college life is demanding, but is certainly a remarkable experience. It will prepare you, not only for your next two years of university, but for your future as an individual as well. I recommend to you to practice how to be more organized; this will make your experience easier. Classes require more time; therefore you will need to start studying since the first day of class. Many times you will have to teach yourself and spend hours studying. Homework is crucial in the process of learning, it is a good training, hence; do not underestimate the work your professor gives you. College will offer you valuable opportunities, and you will grow up without noticing it. You will be more involved in activities, clubs, and researches etc…My best advice, do not underestimate being a college student because it is one of the first steps of becoming what you want in life. It will educate you, and help you to find the way to success.


I would tell myself that dont wait around and let life pass you by. Set a goal for youself and stick to it. Procrastination is very common in upcoming college students and you dont want to be included as another statistic. College life will demand a huge amount of your planned time and effort . There will undoubtedly be times when you will feel like you have all the time in the world to finish a certain assignment and put it off to the last minute. DO NOT do this because most people will NOT make the grades they wanted by cramming information in at the last minute. Do research on good study habits and find the different ways on how your mind's memory works. You will be Suprised how some of the methods of memorization can actually be fun if it done correctly. Overall, when you feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, take a minute to think of why you are putting forth all this effort into something . Imagine the big picture and know that when you finish and receive your degree, You will feel accomplished and working the occupation of your dreams.


I really wish this could actually happen. I'd have to tell myself to sit down and really look at where I was going and what I wanted to do in life. I have changed my mind so many times and just wish I could have known then what I know now about what I want to do. I just want to be able to go to the college of my dreams and be able to have enough money to support myself and to pay for college. I also would tell myself to look more into scholarships and extra curricular activities. I wasn't that active in high school and didn't really think to apply to that many scholarships. However, now I wish I would have gone through those processes with my counselors and other resources at school to get the most out of my education.


I would tell myself as a high school senior to work hard. I would have pushed myself out of the stage of senioritis and told myself to start working harder and studying longer. College is very different from high school and you really have to put your mind to studying. I also would have told myself to just take time to relax a little more and not stress out so much. And no matter how many scholarships you've applied for, don't stop applying. Take some time out of every single free day you have to apply for scholarships. Also, Save up as much money as you can from work during your last year of high school because you will really need every penny of it in college. Don't waste time, your future is at stake and everything you do right now will have an effect on your future. This is one of the years filled with the most opportunities that you will ever have. Don't take it for granted.


The main thing I would tell myself is to stay focused. College is the main goal and everything you do matters. All grades are put on a transcript that the college will look at. Take all entrance test seriously and take more dual credit and AP classes (free college credit). Also, when choosing a college look at dream, major and cost (in that order). Don’t focus all of your attention to how much it cost because the government actually helps more than you may think. Don’t sacrifice your dream school because you think you can’t afford it, it’ll just leave you regretting you choice and it’ll eventually have a negative impact on your performance. Another big issue is: don’t overstress. The transition may be a little startling at first but don’t let it ruin your entire first semester because you neglected to study. Eat right and exercise, I know everyone says that, but when your body feels good you perform better academically. Lastly, keep positive people around you. Don’t allow people who would rather you not go to college interfere with your studies. They just create unnecessary stress and bring you down.


I have learned that I really can do whatever I set my mind to, and that no dream is unattainable. I have been pushed harder and farther than I ever thought I could, but I have succeeded. I am the first in my family to attend college. I set my own goals very high for myself after watching my parents struggle to make ends-meet. This experience is very valuable because it prepares me for the real world. Employers will expect you to meet deadlines and expectations without excuses, and attending a university that values educations has truly prepared me for that. Time management is key, as well as work-life balance. My experience at Texas Woman’s University has taught me to balance my school work, studying, on-campus activities, social life, etc with more and more ease as I continue through the program.


Over all my experience at TWU has been wonderful. I have made many close connections with students and with my teachers, whom have helped me grow into a better person. My teachers have been very involved with the growth and development of my studies, and make sure that we all perform our best. In the art department, which I am in, we are are very close and all know each other very well and help each other alot. We go to events togeather and help each other out in our projects. I feel I am really gaining knowlage in my field and learning how to make the best of it for my future. I am truly enjoying my college experience and am excited about the semesters to come.


I have gotten more out of my college experience then I ever thought I would. Just in my first semester I have met so many new people and I have learned so much. Everyone is so amazing here and I have never regretted my choice to attend Texas Woman's University. It has been valuable to attend here because I 'm working my way up in everything I do. I'm working my way up acedemically and socially. I'm learning the things I need to learn in order to do what I want to do with my life and I'm making life long friends that help me keep going when things get tough. I can't even begin to think how different my life would be if I would have chosen not to go to college, I would probably be flipping burgers at McDonalds instead of working towards my dream. Going to college has been the best decision of my life and continuing to attend means more to me then anything.


I have a high sense of pride for graduating from my university. During my time at TWU, my courses were difficult, tedious, and lengthy; they were worth every second of it. I earned a high quality education and would recommend this college to anyone.


I attended a tech school in 2007 and had to drop out because I could not afford my living expenses. I learned that it is important to know yourself and your limits before biting off more than you can chew. I learned that when I go back to school I will have to make sure I dont overload myself with work while working a full time job. These simple and humble truths are the essential building blocks for my success. Going back to attend college and continuing my education will ultimately help me accomplish my goal of opening a skydiving business. With patience and discipline I can accomplish this goal in the future. Thomas Edison tried and failed 199 times before inventing the light bulb, and when asked about it he said " I didn't fail, I learned 199 ways to not make a light bulb." I feel that I did not fail the first time around, but I learned how not to attend college. I could not have learned this lesson without experiencing it first hand, and it is something that cannot be taught. I now know how to attend college.


It has been my experience that pursuing a college education provides an opportunity to encounter peers and professors, whom are invaluable resources for encouragement, guidance, and support. Many students enroll in a college or university with the misconception that all they have to do is be present for four years, graduate, get a good job, and live happily ever after. The truth of the matter is that a lot of college students, including myself, struggle to pay for our college education. To overcome my own financial difficulties, I appealed to my college network for guidance and support. Thankfully, my network of peers and professors advised me not to give in and to use all of the resources available to me to achieve my goals. My classmates and college friends exposed me to the world of scholarships, federal grants, and school programs, while my professors nominated me for special scholarships and programs that allowed me to continue my education. In all, during my college experience, I have gained friendships that help me, mentors that guide me and experiences that remind me to continue to achieve my goals despite any obstacles in my way.


The time taken to attend college is important it allows people to be exposed to and to think about subjects they might not consider in a regular job. The USA system of higher education makes no excuses for holding a system of learning that does not provide practical, real-world experience. They emphasize growth in knowledge, understanding of the world and different cultures, and the kind of education that will make people what they deem to be well-rounded and literate. But , it would not be hard to incorporate required internships or practical tracks of learning for people who'd like an advantage against their peers who chose to work four years instead of going to college. Many people graduate college with a considerable amount of debt. I'm not worried about my debt. I do not regret going to college for the people I've met, the subjects I've considered, and the ability to stave off a 9-5 job. But I do think colleges could benefit by losing the elitist view that college is a time of philosophical and not practical knowledge. Its a little bit of both if you ask me.