Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the tuition is increasing fall of 2015.


Lack of student participation in class.


I have had a great experience at TWU. I know some folks have had trouble with classes transferring, but if you go in core complete, you are solid.


The most frustrating thing about Texas Woman's University is the lack of parking for students that live on campus. The school has grown over the years and with that comes more people which means less parking spaces. However, they do allow us to park anywhere on campus.


I feel the biggest annoyance I have isn't with the school but how the outside world views a man going to a woman's university.


My school does not really frustrate me. The only problem I have encountered with my school is trying to pay my tuition. Other than that I am never really frustrated.


They are raising the cost of tuition in the upcoming fall semester.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it does not have enough scholarships for its students and the school is in a budget crisis.


I am not a huge fan of Texas Woman's University website at www.twu.edu. When I search for information I can never seem to find what I am looking for. Moreover, the search results that generate are usually irrelevant to what I am searching. Overall, though, I do not find too many things very frustrating about my school. Maybe the cafeteria could stay open a little more on weekends, that would be really nice.


one of the frustrating thing about my school is that the textbook are really expensive and then finiancial aid doesnt help me buy all my books.


Lack of parking at or near the University is the most frustrating thing for me so far. I don't live on campus and commute from elsewhere in the same town. I have had to walk several blocks in the rain, getting soaked in the process! I suppose that this is a small complaint though.


The most frustrating part is the lack of advice and leadership in my program. I've had a very hard time getting answers from professors about class work, future courses, grades, etc. Some of my lecture classes are just too big and rely on TA's which I don't like either. Finally, unless you fall into a certain group, people are not very outgoing.


The amount of homework is constant. There is never much time to have a social life or any kind of relaxing time if you want to do well in classes.


It is very time consuming and competitive. There are not a lot of social activities.


The most frustrating part of my school is the minority of men that attend this university. There is roughly 7% of men who attend and most of them do not live on campus.


The financial aid was usually dispersed late and an emergency loan was needed.


Finacial aid and housing


Dormitory living


The campus activities are a little boring and lacks community involvement. Also, I had to transfer to the nursing campus in Dallas, but due to financial reasons, I remained in Denton on campus apartments, and the drive was 40 miles which took 2 hours. The professors were not considerate or sympathetic for this.


My school is predominately female and a commuter school. We have just a couple of sports teams, so the school is lacking in school spirit and in the social scene. I would like to be able to cheer a football team on or have more people on campus during the weekends.




The high cost .


The financial aid office, one needs to stay on top of what their scholarships are. They should not solie depend on the financial aid office to have everything straight.


This is a "suit case" school. Everything, including some buildings starts to close down for the weekend starting on Thursday evening. There is not as much funding as a big university, which TWU is not. UNT (the university next to us) is more advertised and known., than TWU. There needs to be another dorm built because most of the residence halls are filled up.


The most fustrating thing about TWU is the wind during the winter.


CLasses are not that interactive unless you get one special professor.


Less oppurtunities for men


Lack of school spirit and on campus activities, it is a commuter school for the most part.


The most frustrating thing about the school is being in the student union at 12 noon. It is the lunch time rush and everyone is there. Its very hectic for those with one o clock classes that are rushing to get something to eat. Everything else about the school is great. I have no complaints about it.