Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to Texas Woman’s University, I wish I had known that it is a flood zone during a rainy day. It is extremely vital to have a pair of rain boots if you are going to be a student at TWU; just an umbrella will not do the job. However, rain boots alone will not do the job either. An umbrella and rain boots compliment each other very well. Lastly, having a raincoat never hurt anyone.


I wish I would have known that the staff is there to help. The instructors as well. They want to see you succeed. And I wasn't the only freshman who didn't know what they were doing. Everyone is trying to figure life out just like you.


I wish I would have known the amount of work I was going to get entering a University. My high school did not prepare me what so ever for the upcoming years. I had to teach myself what study habits worked best for me, and because of this my grades suffered. In high school everything was so easy, and I essentially walked on campus blind. I had no idea what was to come from my courses.


I started feeling pretty good about college and then the semester started. There was no parking and I didn't know anyone in my classes. The main thing that took my by surprise was the syllabus. Usually, in high-school I would just look at it the first week and throw it away. Do not do that in college. This packet of paper is your life for that class and will tell you every thing you need to know and when all the due dates are. I didn't do that and it took me by surprise.


That there will be possums, racons and foxes there really scary!!!!!


How to manage your money.


Everything that I learned from my prerequisites.


I wish I would have known more about housing and meal plan options. I came in knowing only a little and chose the wrong meal plan for me. When you live on campus, you must have a meal plan until you are an upperclassmen. I found the meal plan to be unnecessary to me.


i think I was adequately prepared for entrance to this school.


Before I came to college I wish I had better study habits and organization. I have always been naturally talented and intelligent, but I quickly discovered in college that you have to depend on a lot more than that. I have learned the best ways for me to study and that to be organized it the best way to be.


The amount of discipline that is needed in required reading in tentitive, and knowing that I believe i could have done a lot better. The grade that had been earned was one that could be reflected by the amount of studying and attention was given in that class. If someone would have taken the time to explain a proper way to retain what I was reading and grasp the concept of what was being taught, then the result of my effort would have resulted in an tremendous outcome.


There is nothing I wish to have known. I am pleased with this school.


Due to budget issues by the administration, professors and classes will be cut, and classes that are offered will be incredibly full. If I wanted to stay with small classes, Texas Woman's will not always be able to fulfill that desire.


I wish I knew the graduation rate before I had made my decision.


The lack of encouragement between students. Everyone is trying to get others to do worse than them which makes things difficult.


Nothing. I was completely prepared and thats it.


It was sort of a bummer to realize that students here really are not involved with their school. Then again we are really not known for much at our university since the majority of the population are women and we do not have any considerable amount of sports to support.


That it is not going to be easy. Nothing is handed to you, you have to work for everything.


As a transfer student I was not required to take the campus tour and I wish I would have.


I wish I would have known earlier that it is important to get involved in organizations and activities in order to meet people and make friends. All last year, I stayed mostly to myself and thought I would meet people in my classes, but it is easier to make friends in group organizations. I also wish I knew not to buy my books in the bookstore on campus because they overcharge on everything. Last semester, I spent $650 on textbooks from the bookstore. This semester, I bought my books online and only spent $300.


I wish I had been prepared to have to figure out most of my academic advising. The advising system at the university is not consistent and is rarely prepared for questions asked by the students. It is sometimes difficult to graduate on time due to a discrepancy between the administration and the faculty.


I wish I would have realized how high the standards were in the departments I am associated with. For instance , in the education department a grade of an A is a 93 or higher as compared to the standard 90 or higher. I don't mind the higher standard, I just wish I knew beforehand.


That it would go by very fast and to take advantage of every second you have. Don't be lazy.




I wish i would have known that life is going to happen. Everyday will not be perfect and every relationship won't last but the end result is more then one can imagine.


Nothing, it is everything I expected


I wish that I had known that I could only take 150 hours before paying out of state tuition. I had to discontinue taking pre-med courses because I would have gone over 150 hours before graduation, putting more strain on my family. If I had known I would have planned out my courses differently.