Texas Woman’s University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


There is a lot of reasons for choosing TWU. First, its close to my hometown. I'm only an hour away from Denison so its easy to go home when I want. Secondly, I chose TWU because of the great price of tuition. Tuition at other schools, even private schools could range from 5-30 thousand a year, and TWU is only $3,000! Also, my tuition was cut in half because I applied and was awarded $12,000 in financial aid, so instead of $3,000 I only pay $1,500 a semester. TWU is a great choice because the campus is so beautiful, inside and out! The classrooms are very up to date and very nice. The campus itself is just a beautiful place to walk around. TWU was my top choice because of the academics also! TWU ranks as one of the best schools for medical fields and since I'm going to Physical Therapy, it was a no brainer. I definitely don't regret my choice and recommend TWU to anyone!


There were only 3 public schools in Texas that offered my major: Child Life. So, I had to decide between Texas Tech, Texas State and Texas Woman's. I went and toured Texas State, and just wasn't thrilled. It was a huge campus, and everything was so spread out and I just didn't feel right on that campus. When you visit a college campus and are walking around on one, you should feel like you could see yourself going there, and I didn't with Texas State. So when I toured Texas Woman's University, I could really see myself going there. The campus was beautiful and everything was in good walking distance. Even though I came for Child Life, and I am still majoring in it, I decided to double major, adding another major as Music Therapy. The two majors work hand in hand, and I was so blessed to find out that TWU was renowned for their Music Therapy program. I have to say it was meant to be, because coming here, I knew nothing about their music program, but I sure do now, because it is one of the best!