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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

I could tell you all the things you should’ve done. I could inscribe endless in-depth paragraphs and illustrate examples of what you could have achieved from merely taking the time to study more. It will be hard; an uphill battle to pass your final tests, but you will do it. You should have applied for scholarships during your time in high school to lessen the financial stress on your family. You should have sat down and practiced speaking Spanish. Half of my family is from Mexico and it is part of my heritage, if I had practiced I could have had more conversations with my Abuela. Had I done that, I could have understood more of my family’s history and heard some of her amazing stories. Had you taken it more seriously; you would be able to have talked to her before she passed, but now that has been added to my list of regrets. College is important, but pushing away your family isn’t something you should consider. Remember, they are here for you and will always be proud of you. You can and will be successful!

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My first bit of advice is, "Don't wait". You can make all the excuses you want but none of it matters in the long run. The money for school is out there waiting for you to grab ahold of it. The longer you wait the more life will get in the way. You don't want to have to try going to school while raising a child and struggling to pay the bills. Next thing you need to do is get better at doing your homework. Homework in college is mch more important than it was in highschool. Gone are the days of putting things off until the last minute and turning in a rush job just for a grade. You need to work hard and get your priorities straight. You dont need to worry about your love life instead focus on your education and make sure that your future is secure before thinking about starting a family. Besides women like a man that can pivide for the family and resent those that can't.

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Get all of the small stuff like acedemics done first at a comunity college first then move on to what you want instead of diinging in head first.

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