The Art Institute of Colorado Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students seem almost always busy, if they are not working (job) in school then they are doing their homework. It is hard for me to find someone who is not doing something. It is an expensive school, and I think the majority of them are struggling just like I am, financially. so there is no time to waste. Other than the school pressure they are very open to talk, if you need information. I also find them very friendly. I had no trouble finding friends, and I am not a talkative person. They also create different clubs one can join. Those are great, because you get to know more students form different programs.


My classmates are talented artists. For the most part, they are young, art-minded and non-conformists.


Most of them aren't near as enthusiastic as I thought they would be before I came here. There are some students who are serious and want to try and excel but the vast majority of the students I see here act severly bored in class and I honestly can't figure out why. I pay money to learn. That's how it works. I could learn a lot of what I need for my profession from the internet but I need a slip of paper that certifies I've put forth the effort in my field of study.


My classmates are diverse, entertaining, and you don't really know what type of people you're going to meet. They're just a bundle of mysterious fun.


My classmates all love what they are doing, and want to have a future as being a chef.


My classmates really find school interesting and really wanna succeed in life, just like me. Every one at The Art Institute of Colorado really seems to be enjoying their time in class. We all actually look forward to going to classes, talking to the teacher, working on assignments and projects, and just learning how to do things that will help us in Video Production. My classmates are great and i'm becoming really good friends with all of them and i'm sure will be able to help each other succeed in our careers.


The students here at AI, are very diverse and come from many different types of backgrounds.


Mixed age, gender, and race. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. Some are more dedicated then others to the work needed which I believe you will find at any school.

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