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The Art Institute of Colorado provides students with accelerated programs in the fine arts such as photgraphy, fashion, and the culinary field. Here at the Art Institute of Colorado you can truly focus on your dream alone without having to fufill other requirements such as science, history and other general studies, they do provide the necessary general studies you need, but generally this school is for big dreamers in the toughest industries.


specializing in a certain area of degree


One of the qualities I LOVED about my school is that it isn't a huge campus. There's no foot ball field, gym or tack. I go to school everyday in this small building that has only three classrooms, one computer lab and 4 cooking labs and thats ALL. The atmosphere is very intimate, fun and professional and I love how everyone knows everyone!


Compared to other school the Art Institute of Colorado start right away on what the student wants to major in. It's like coloring every single day and it is for a grade.


The Art Institute of Colorado did a great job recruiting me by providing me all the information I needed regarding the program I was interested in and by thoroughly answering other questions I had when I was getting information about schools. I had requested information from 2 other schools and they did not impress me like AIC did. Now that I am a student at AIC, I feel that the instructors and staff have done a great job educating me and encouraging me in my education.


The Art Institute is one of only three schools in Colorado that have an accredited Interior Design Program. The other two are Colorado State University and Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. I chose AI over CSU because I just graduated from CSU and would prefer not to ever deal with them again. Additionally I chose AI over RAMCD because it is slightly cheaper.


Private school with smaller class sizes and teachers that really care about the students.


The staff at the Art Institute is always friendly and extremely helpful whenever I need their assistance. You receive extrodinary attention to your education and success from everyone at the institute.


My school doesn't make you take a bunch of classes that have nothing to do with your degree before you actually get to learn what you came to learn...within the first week of being there you learn so much and it really gets your career off to a quick start.


It is a non-traditional school that can earn you a bachelors degree in three years instead of four in the major of your choice.

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