The Art Institute of Colorado Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I mostly say how great the program is here. My major is Fashion Design and the program is amazing! i've only been here for less than a year and i've really already learned so much! The teachers here are great and really know what they're doing. I'm really glad to be here.


The equipment was great and the school did a great job keeping up with the latest software.


The thing that I brag about is that I get to bake in class while they are in a classroom listening to lectures and taking notes.


School has only been in session for one week and already I know I am in the right place. The classes immediately put you in a hands on environment, teaching you the things you came to school to learn. I have enrolled in a baking and Pastry program and in two days we have already learned to make 4 different types of pie/tart dough, several different types of pies and tarts, blueberry muffins, cookies, and pastry cream. As we only have a limited time in each class, our chefs are in no way shy about getting our hands dirty.


The education, the overall experience, and the ability to express my creativity liberally.

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