The Art Institute of Colorado Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the travel. The Art Institute of Colorado's campus is spread over the city of Denver. This makes for added expenses and added stress. Another problem with having the campus buildings seperated over at least 10 blocks is that there is not enough student parking most of the time.


I honestly love my school. I have learned so much I can't think of anything bad.


The worst thing about the Art Institute is that it gets really crowded and also people a lot of the time dont take care of the schools equipment. The classes are crowded and that sometimes makes it harder to pay attention and also makes it harder to park for class because we only have 100 parking spots.


The price.


That really is a tough decision mainly because I don't really dislike anything about my school. The only thing I can think of, really, would be the parking. Five dollars a day? I think I can speak for all of the students who have cars (I personally don't have one, but quite a few of my friends do) when I say they would much rather be spending that on other things; rent, school supplies, food, etc.


Probably the most negative part of the Art Institute of Colorado, is that outside of class facilities are streched to the brink. With only 100 parking spots for students, and a rather small Cafeteria where students can eat, the school struggles to provide enough space for students. Though, these shortfalls can be understood in the current economic climate and lack of federal funds for education. One can also find a way around the problems if one thinks creatively.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. They make school parking so expensive. School is really making my finances go under!


The Art Institute of Colorado doesn't have any sports and the dorm aren't that great and they are far off.

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