The Art Institute of Colorado Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I covered this in the question above, the most frustrating thing is being among so many who do not take school, or life as seriously as I do.


It does not happen often, but when you feel like your not getting enough out of a class, we are paying for it... I want to learn something valueable.


When it comes to my college experience at The Art Institute of Colorado, i dont really have any frustrating moments. I think me choosing the AIC for Video Production, was one of the best choices I have ever made. The instrutors and students their are all great, every one seems to be there to help me succeed. The only problem i had at first was getting used to the four hour classes. It wasn't normal for me, but my Instrutors have made it very easy for me to adjust to. I enjoy going to The Art Institute of Colorado.


The only thing that I can find slightly frustrating with the Art Institute is the limited time we get in our classes. Even as a full time student in baking and pastry diploma program, I am only in school 3 days a week. Though each lab class is 5 hours, I crave more. I would be happy spending much more time in the kitchens learning everything the chefs have to teach me and more.


I really love the school I go to but the thing that frustrates me is that we have to pay to get homework done in my prerequisite classes. I'm from a middle class background but I can't really afford to buy the extra things that I need to turn in work that I know I have the potential to do. Mounting boards, photo developement, etc.


The fact that students have to pay for parking mostly five dollars a day and the availability of the Adobe Software that you have to buy out of pocket. I think they should just include the software under college expenses.

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