The Art Institute of Colorado Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have know the amount of work that would go into obatining this degree, and how so many of my fellow students would be young, immature and unwilling to work as hard to get things done. To many of them assume culinary is an easy degree with no work. They are wrong.


The one thing that I wish that I knew before I came to this school; is something that they don't teach in school, or explain as in depth with the experiences we have in real life. Dealing with real people and real problems, I wish I would have known how to help people without sacrificing so much of my time.


I wish I would have had some previous computer program knowledge. Such as working with the Adobe Creative Suite design software. I would have also wished I had a complete understanding of my financial aid and all of the scholarship/grant opportunities available to me.


That your school loans could also pay for outside housing and that ou dont have to move into the School sponsored housing. I was very happy when i could move out and get my own place with more room.


I learned everything that I needed to know about my school through the application process.

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