The Art Institute of Houston Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who I believe would most benefit from attending The Art Institute is someone with creativity and an open mind. Someone who wants to make a career out of what they enjoy doing most. Here at The Art Institute, you get hands-on training for your program choice. After all, that's why you're here right? To be able to do what you love, and learn more about it.


People who are fascinated with art should attend this school. Weather you draw, paint, design or just have in interest in art this school is perfect for you. The classes I am currently attending are filled with people from different art programs. You have the chance to bounce ideas off of each other and help enhance your own creativity. The instructors cater to your creative needs and promote group projects. I highly recommend this school for anyone artistic.


I dont think there is oneexact kind of person that should attend The Art Institute. I believe that, that is exactly what it represents "diversity" in any which way.


Those that are seeking a career, that one looks forward to get up each morning, travel to and from each day preforming services that pleases oneself, provides pride and self satisfaction. Knowing that the knowledge they gained and services provided pleased others.


Goal driven

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