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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The first thing I would tell myself is start figuring out college sooner. I waited till the last minute to figure out what I wanted to do for a career and where I wanted to go to college. The only thing I did know was I wanted some place close to home, but far enough away from home. I'm lucky I got into the Humane Officer Training Program at Kirkwood Community College. I was even told I was probably going to be waitlisted. I got the call though saying I made it in. I got really lucky getting in since I waited so long to decide what I wanted to do. The next thing I would tell my senior self is look more at different places to stay. Kirkwood does not have dorms. They have campus friendly apartments nearby. I only looked at two. I picked the second apartment and I’m currently staying there. It is pricey though. $435 a month with utilities included. I love the place I am staying at, but I looked around more for next year and found places that are exactly the same and cheaper. I would tell myself to be more prepared.


Learn as much as you can, get the best grades you can get. Always set your goal to be the best because when you get to college your senior grades and GPA level will be rewarded in college with exemptions and scholarships.


If I could go back in time to talk to myslf when I was a senior I'd probably tell myself how amazing college life is and how, oddly enough, college turned out o be much easier then I expected. If I had known how much fun The Art Institute of Houston-North was I wouldn't have been as stressed as I was. I think the biggest and most important piece of advice I would give my self would be to strive higher. I was already a good student but if I had known what I do now I would have definitely tried much harder then I already was. I would also tell myself how important it is to apply for scholarships; I'd tell myself how silly I had been in thinking that paying for college was a piece of cake, how silly I was back then... My last piece of advice for myself would have to be to prepare myself for the workload involved with college. College is awesome but it was tough to change the way I managed my time. Although I've adjusted now it would have definitely helped my "past" self to know, DEFINITELY.


I have been enrolled in Ivy Tech Community College for 4 months now. I am taking online classes for Business Administration. Taking online classes is very different than I thought it would be. I am really excited about going back to school because it makes me feel like I am finally getting somewhere towards my dream. It has been valuable to attend online classes because I have a very busy life. I work full time and have six dogs at home to take care of, and a husband! Everyday life for me is a new adventure and now since I am finally going to college I can finally work toward my own adventure!


Attending The Art Institute of Austin has allowed me to exceed my artistic limits, which has increased my confidence in my performance and training once I begin a creative career. I never thought I would be able to know and use so many digital and traditional art techniques at once. Also, because the school is still growing, the students have been able to dicuss how the school will operate with the faculty and the president, and together we decide what's best for our eductatonal environment.


The one thing that I have gotten from my college experience is experience. The Art Institute offers a lot of hands on learning, clubs, and interships which allow the students to graduate with a great amount of experience in the field of study as well as knowledge about it. But it doesn't stop there, they also offer a schedule plan which lets students graduate a bit early by decreasing the amount of holidays and breaks one receives. This allows students to graduate a bit early so that we may spend more time actually working on our career while already being a natural at it.


Its been twenty years ago that I attended the University of South Alabama. I began school with the hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist. WIth little confidence, I began my studies overwhelmed and distracted by how I would pay for the next quarter's tuition. The fear of not completing my studies heavily overwhelmed me and took a toll on my grades and my overall attitude. Although I understood that my education was paramount , I believed that I would be able to make my way in another direction that would secure my future. The years that have passed since I've atteneded school is where I've learned the value of education. Coming to realize the true sense of freedom comes from oneself, is not just the most valuable lesson learned from my brief college experience, but possibly the most valuable lesson learned in my life thus far. Attending college for a brief time, and living many difficult years without the completion of college, has opened my eyes to this idea of "freedom". There seems to be no other conclusion, save education brings freedom. I will proudly stampede through fields of fire to attain my freedom and awaited education.


So far I have been able to hone my personal abilities in skillsets that have long been dormant. I have been newly motivated in pursuing the degree I have thought impossible for most of my life. This is my first campus-based degree program, and I feel that the various cultural and ethnic backgrounds of other students have given me new ideas in my creativity. It is nice to be at a school that appreciates us U.S. veterans and caters to the disabled vets as well. A lot of us vets have come home time and time again from conflicts and it is nice to see we are supported more now than before in education opportunities.


My first college choice was Marist in New York. I was put on the wait list and needless to say I was very disappointed that I was not going to my dream school. In June I received a letter from Marist telling me that I was accepted into their spring program. I was absolutley thrilled. I then decided to go to Nassau Community College this fall. I have found that going to this college is really helping me to get my feet wet. I have to get a 3.0 in order to transfer to Marist in January so this is great incentive to work hard. I get to learn how to organize my time, have a job and endure the traffic of commuting. I believe this is helping me to mature so I can go to the next level and live on a college campus. Of course Marist is 38,000 dollars a lot more expensive then Nassau a mere 4,000 dollars. Hopefully I will attain the funds to attend my dream school.


The Art Institute offers a very fast paced, excellent program for those who really want to get out there and go do what they love with a degree in hand. In the two weeks of classes, I looked over my syllabus and realized exactly how much I had learned in such a short span of time. You learn more about techniques to your art, expression, how to successfully incorporate so many new mediums and the list goes on! The really make sure to teacher you everything you need to know in your desired line of work.


After graduating high school in 2004, I moved to Austin, TX with my band, Toast, and we have been making quite a name for ourselves in the jam band circuit thanks to the release of our album, "The Mad Science". I play the drums as well as create all of our album artwork and promotional materials, such as posters and clothing. Because of this, my mother enrolled me into The Art Institute of Austin last year to study graphic design. At first, I was hesitant due to the school's enormous tuition fees, its location, which is about forty minutes from my house, and the fact that I hadn't been to school in five years. However, I decided to go anyway, in order to keep my mother happy, and I am glad I did because I am doing extremely well. Not only do I have a 4.0 GPA, but I am quickly gaining recognition from my fellow peers and teachers for my artwork, charisma, and sense of humor, not to mention the obvious fact that I am working very hard. I am learning that my art has a unique style that can both impress and humor virtually anyone.


I have grow up a lot and have learned how to take care of myself more. I am not as sheltered and shy as I once was. I have more confidence and am ready to show people my design skills.


Dear Cheryl, I am writing you this letter to give you wisdom. Everyone says, "If I knew then what I know now", is your chance to know what I know. You will not run out of time, and you will not miss anything. Long term goals are important and a slow and steady route is not a negative thing. I promise if you take the next four years of your life to develop good habits it will help you live a much easier life in the long run. You should study more, exercise more, save more money, work a little harder, go to bed earlier and be more productive throughout the day. When you feel the urge to jump up and move to L.A to become an atress, by all means do it! Do it, but make a plan, save some money and stick to your goal. I would not tell you to change a thing, but bite the bullet, become more responsible and enhance the person you already are. have time.


If I could go back in time and talk to my highschool self i would say as much as they tell you in they are preparing you for college it takes more then four years of test and research papers to do that. It helps not to stress out about what collge you shold go to, your GPA, and all that. The best thing you can do is relax and follow your routine and do the best you can. If i had to pick which one was more stressful out of the two I would pick High School. Teachers fill your head with hype about how hard this is, or how important this is, an they may be right, but its not worth stressing out over!!


Forget everything you think you know about yourself and life. Work will not get you anywhere so stop giving it so much priority. Prioritize your education, it will give you a career. Research now, plan for what you want not others want. Give your self the time you need to seek grants and scholarships. Do not think that taking a year off is the best thing to do. It is so hard to get back in the flow and to discipline yourself to study. Friends, not many true ones, do not get ionvolved in their drama and do not expect them to get involved in yours after High School it will all be a dream. They will only hold you back. Prioritize your education do not get comfortable at work you will only start hating what you do and feel useless and with out a purpose in life. Reasearch college programs and concentrate only on your career. Block everything out because in the end you can achieve your goal and be happy. Avoid Community college, it is a dstraction. The College you want may be more expensive but it will be much more worth it. Do not waste any time.


High school is a right of passage in many ways. Going through the double doors to the next four years of your life can be scary ones. As you slowly find yourself climbing up the todem pole becoming a senior, many things have changed. Your looks, your attitude on life, your friends and your teachers. As you leave it all behind, you soon find yourself in a whole new realm. College life differs greatly from high school life in my eyes. You become more responsible for yourself and your actions. Your parents are not there to sweep you up from poor decisions. This is the transition of becoming an adult in the real world. If I could go back to when I was a high school senior, and give advice for my future entailments, it would have to be to "never lose yourself." There are so many aspects of college life that obviously differ from high school. Staying true to yourself and trying your best to succeed is what will make or break you in today's society. It's a rough one, so I try to keep a good head on my shoulders and try my best.


Going back to 1984, I started to attend a junior college right out of high school, but could not stay focused on class. I did not have a vehicle and had to rely on others for transportation. California in the 1980's did not push secondary education. That being said, I would have considered a military stint to gain true life expierence and develop a job trade. Then use the GI bill to complete my degree and enter my chosen profession, Law Enforcement. Now I am pursuing a second profession as a chef for my post retirement carrer.


The best advice I could give myself would be to remember my dreams. As I have gotten older I have realized how easy it is to forget that we were all children once and had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up. I always wanted to work in fashion and art and somehow I headed down a completely different path. The dream has never left me but I forgot that I can achieve my goals and follow my dreams and become anything I want. Now that I am attending art school I am reminded of my passion and dedication to art. By going into the past I would tell myself to never forget. As we grow and mature we will always travel down different paths from where we began. We will meet different people and learn new things about ourselves and it will take us to different and interesting places, but we should never forget our dreams. I would also tell myself to stay strong and stay positive. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am so excited of the possibilities at the end. Dreams can come true.


I would tell myself to take things slow. There is no pressure at all to rush things as if the chance will not be there in the future. If you just take your time and do things you want to do and a reasonable pace, you wont have to worry about cleaning up the mistakes you may make while trying to rush everything at one time. It took you 17 years to get to this point in your life, so there is no way you can complete everything you want and need in life in under 3 years. Take your time Mr Lewis and everyhting will be ok. Peace Future Darrin


As a high school senior my life was a little bit different than it was for most of my peers. I lived on my own and worked thirty five hours a week in addition to school. I worked hard and passed all of my classes. Now that I am in college if I had the chance to speak to my self then, I would tell myself to relax. There is a lot of work ahead, it will be a lot of fun, it will be really hard and it will all pay off. I would say that I need to take advantage of the laid back job I had in high school. There is nothing I could say to prepare myself for the transition because it is such a different experience. I was going from a place I had to be, to a place I choose to be in order to better my self and my position in life. I wish I had known that despite how busy my life seemed then, it could be busier and to enjoy my senior year and being a kid was just as important as doing my homework.


All I would tell myself is "be yourself", because if you dont then you will not truly enjoy college life .


I would definetly tell myself to take advantage of the free services high school provides. Once you are out in the real world and nothing is free anymore you find yourself asking , "why didn't anybody tell me?" The problem is people do tell you; teachers, older siblings, and parents try to give you good advice, but you just dont take it. I would especially tell myself to take advantage of the services counselors try to offer you. Scholarships are very important.; if i knew then, what i know now, I would have spent my whole senior year completing and turning in scholarships. I would tell myself to take advantage of the free time I have because time managemnt is where most people have trouble in college. The ability to work, be a single mother, and go to school is not something that comes by easy. I have struggled and stressed over things that could have easily been avoided if only i had taken ear to what I was being told in high school. If I had the chance to go back , I would tell myself "take advice seriously" because you never expect what life has to bring .


Truly going back and trying to talk myself into taking another course other than the path I was on. Would have made no difference. I don't suppose that I would listen to myself and to go as far as not believing I was talking to an older me. Igiven plenty of great advice from people that I grew up with and I did not listen to them either.


I would tell my self to take classes that were honor classes to prepare me for the hard work of college life.


I would tell myself to seek out an education in Culinary Arts, it is a position that I will thoroughly enjoy and at my current age I could have achieved status with such Chef's as Wolfgang Puck, Charlie Trotter, Robert McGrath and so on. I could have the opportunity to have all the things I have missed out on. Basically the opportunity to be quite successful could have been in my present life. Instead I am seeking out to work hard to achieve a Bachelor's degree at my present age. Most of all I would tell myself to be yourself and not be like others, be an individual.

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