The Art Institute of Houston Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had prepared myself a little better for the hours of time, patience, and perfection it takes to make it at this Institute. I could have practiced concentrated drawings more than I did and it would not be as challenging to sit there for long periods of time and work on my art. It is a work in practice and i get better by the day, but i still could have prepared a little more effectively.


How to get more scholarships!


I started Community College before I transfered to Ai. I wish I would have researched and actually took my time when in High School to seek the campus I wanted to attend. Community college was a waste of my time and Money. I was not interested in the courses and failed two. Ai suits your interests. All of your gen. eds are mixed in through your program instead of in the first two years. They found a way to keep you motivated. Had I known I would probably be nearing my Bachelors instead of nearly starting at my age.

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