The Art Institute of Washington Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.




A great institution for creative minds to develop their talents.


The art Institute of Washington is a small but diverse school that offers a decent amount of facilities and learning resources despite being in only one 12 floor building. However my satisfaction with this school comes entirely from the media arts and animation department instructors and head. Without them the sluggish administration and school board would never make a move. The school and animation facilities have been growing, giving us better computer labs, audio labs, art studios and capture station rooms. The school is mostly a work area, feeling more like a business than school sometimes.


A small campus with a huge sense of comradery in your field of study.


My school is a professional playground with endless resources and a very diverse group of playmates.


Diversity, but not always punctual.


The Art Institute of Washington is a media arts school outside of Washington DC that offers a large variety of courses to help a young artistic individual excel in their desired field and grow as an artist and person.

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