The Art Institute of Washington Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One who is not motivated should not attend this school. Classes can be very fast paced, so motivation and a chance for out of school study time is necessary.


A person who wants the traditional college experience like living on an enclosed campus and long lecture classes. I you have horrible time management skills you should probably work on that before you attend this school. Also if you do not like the idea of showing up to classes on time or risk being dropped from the class you also shouldn't attend this school.


Someone who doesn't feel like they have a flow of creative juices, it is necessary to be excited about a career in the art field.


If you're not passionate about art, fashion, culinary, or any other media (such as sound, video, or animation), then obviously this place isn't for you. AiW is known for its passionate students who wish to learn more about their choice of career (not trade, career). We enjoy what we do, we love what we do, and we work hard at what we do, because of the passion we've gained for our niche. If you wish to dabble your pen in AiW for a short lived opportunity, then there are ways to do just that.


If you not serious about furthering your education and bettering your life you should not attend this school. This school is for serious students looking to get good career in the field of their choice. If you are not ready to work hard and do what you have to do to excel then this school is not for you.


Anyone not passionate about their career or future.

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