The Baptist College of Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at The Baptist College of Florida know before they start?


I would tell me to not change a thing. Go through life, experience it and let God handle all of your worries.


If i could go back in time when i was a high school senior i would tell myself to go to college and get a degree . I would tell myself its more diffucult to go back when ur an adult compare to just coming out of high school. Going back to school as an adult is a little more difficult cause there is less scholarships for working adults . I have noticed as an adult without a college degree the chance of moving up in a company is impossible. I would tell myself its not easy being an adult you will have to work alot harder for what you want and take the opportunity living at home and going to school would be alot easier than working a full time job and careing for kids.


The advice I would give is to always do your homework, no matter how teadious, and to not procrastinate. Also to make friends that you can do homework with or have study groups with. Also concerning dorms do not bring a lot of things but only what you need in order to live in a confined space. Please do not forget to get plenty of sleep at night in order to do well in your classes. If you become homesick be sure to talk to your family and relatives a lot and if at all possible go and visit, but as well as bring a picture of the people that you miss.


I would counsel myself on the importance and urgency of beginning college upon graduating high school. I would explain the benefits of finding and filling out scholarship applications so as not to exit college with high debt. In addition, while extracurricular activities are important, I would advise myself to keep a balance and, should there be a conflict, choose the side of studying. I would also tell myself to join and/or fight for causes I believe in, volunteer as much as possible, place importance on people rather than things, and to retain my sense of humor! Smile, consentrate on the positives, make wise decisions by thinking before acting, listen to close friends and family when facing the big decisions (such as marriage!), and when a poor decision or choice is made not to dwell but rather learn from the mistake. Lastly, keep everything in moderation, set attainable goals, don't make promises you cannot keep, and follow through on everything you say you will do.


You have a brain of your own, so stand on your own two feet and make your life your own by making your own decisions.


Allison, College is going to be awesome. That guy that JP tells you about - he really means it. Don't hang out with him. You're better than that. Your roommate will become your best friend - don't sweat it. Go to chapel! It always makes the day easier. Take more Gen. Ed. classes at the beginning. That summer job in 2008 - TAKE IT. You won't think you should, but do! The Baptist College of Florida is exactly where God wants you and it is obvious. Take time with everyone you meet and try to learn something from them. We all have stories for a reason. Never forget, Soli Deo Gloria


Set multiple alarms to get up in the morning. Don't sleep through or miss classes at the beginning of the semester; you'll regret it by midterms. Don't be afraid to be yourself - acceptance by everyone, including the administration, is highly overrated.