The College of Idaho Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The College of Idaho is a beautiful place where everyone can find something that interests them personaly to study.


Full Sail University is a wonderful school that fosters creativity and ingenuitive thinking by allowing it's students to explore every possiblity from every angle.


The College of Idaho is a school on a beautiful campus that wil challenge you and provide you with a very unique school experience.


My school has fit my educational desires and is extremely challenging, small class rooms so I can ask my professors for help where I need understanding.


The College of Idaho is an exceptional accredited college where you will be able to expand your horizon as far as you can imagine with exceptional faculty and great students.


The College of Idaho is a liberal and career focused school, where the students and professors have an engaging relationship to ensure overall success in all aspects of life.


College of Idaho provides a good education, but I have difficulties with the social scene.


College of Idaho is a great school for students who really care and are dedicated to a high quality of education.


Big on academics but costs too much.


My school helps its students challenge their thoughts and views academically, socially, and personally which gives them the opportunity for self-improvement in each of these aspects and a path to success.


California Maritime is a great school for the academics as we have only 850 students so each class is small so you do not get lost in the crowd. It is mandatory to live on campus which I feel is a great idea as you do not spend time commuting back and forth. You can also spend more time studying as needed.


At the College of Idaho there is a great amount of diversity conducive to growth both personally and academically.




The most diverse and open institution in all of Idaho, not just in terms of schools.


Albertson college of Idaho, renamed the College of Idaho is a small school that is engaging and a valuable part of my life.