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Close friendly community which plays hard, parties hard, but most importantly works hard.


The college of Idaho is unique because of their PEAK curriculum. The College of Idaho requires all of their students to major in one of the 4 peaks and minor in the other three. The 4 peaks are Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Scinece, and Professional Studies. PEAK enables its students to study a wide range of material while giving the student control of their education. When a student gradautes with 1 major and 3 minors they have the knowledge and flexibility to compete in a constantly changing world.


Throughout high school, I strived to get accepted into one of California's finest universities; a large, prestigious school that could open the doors to a successful profession. I had never considered leaving California, much less attending school in Idaho, but after doing research on prospective schools, I came across the College of Idaho, Idaho's finest private, liberal arts college boasting a small campus size of 1050 and an average class size of 11. I was astonished that it offered 26 majors and 55 minors, and after visiting the vibrant campus, I knew this was the school for me.


We have a very diverse campus, with over 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} international students. This opens up students' minds to different voices, perspectives, opinions, and experiences. A large proportion of campus is able to participate extensively in significant research in their fields and have the opportunity to present their findings at conferences across the country. We have a low student:professor ratio, and the student body is small and close-knit. As a liberal arts school there is a huge focus on not just academic activities, but art, music, sports, and other cultural activities. CofI is special!


The most unique thing about my school is that College of Idaho has a campus safety rather than a campus security. The officers here are always doing their best to make the students feel safe. They are not out to bust you even if students are doing unaccetable activities. They want the students to feel comfortable because this is home for most students and so campus safety does their best to create a safe environment for everyone.


The College of Idaho is unique in many ways, but something that I think is most valuable is the way that the Liberal Arts Education is executed. The campus staff and administration sees us as young individuals who are going to make mistakes and we really need to be able to make these mistakes but in a safe environment that the campus provides in order to grow, learn, and in the end become well rounded educated adults. Our school takes on a view that Socrates presented in his life; we must question everything in order to obtain knowledge and reason.


The most unique things about my school are that our professors go out of their way to help students out and push them to their limit, the students are all really helpful and enjoy tutoring if needed, and also the fact that every day you go you genuinely enjoy learning.


College of Idaho has a low student to teacher ratio. Students can develop real relationships with their teachers. The faculty takes an interest in the success of their students. Because the campus is so small, I feel like people see me as an individual. I am not just another nameless student. Not only does its size foster relationships with teachers, the student body is cohesive. It is rare to see a person who I have never seen before. It is easy to get involved in extracurricular activities. Student involvement makes an impact.


Our professors are absolutely involved in our academic lives and can be reached at almost any time (often including 3 a.m.). If we need help with class work or our personal lives or work, friends, faculty, and qualified staff were always willing to do anything they could. Our education focused not only on "book learning" but also took on real world applications while we discussed (and implemented) plans and policies in our community. Finally, the administration strongly considered the opinions of students and included students on all committees so that our needs were never ignored.