The College of Idaho Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag the most about my school is our small classes and individual attention we get from our professors. Everyone at our school is very will to help. We have a small student body and everyone is very friendly and accommodating. We are a family.


I brag mainly about the praise the College of Idaho receives from our exceptional staff of professors ready to help us on our next step in life along with the name the college has created with the great alumni that have graduated and have been successful.


When I brag about The College of Idaho my favorite thing to talk about is the professors. The professors are one of the best things about The College of Idaho. They are there for us to use to your advantage. They are one the best resources the college has to offer and the college wants us to use them. The want us to sit in their cubicals while we do homework so they can talk to us. This simple characterstic about our professors lets the studnets know that our professors really do care about us.


I brag most about our extremely diverse student body yet we all are very close. We support each other and care about the well being of those around us. We all work really hard during the week and then take the time to relax on the weekend. Our school constantly has something going on for students, whether it's a sports game, a concert, or a gathering in the quad.


Everyone knows everyone and most people get along. You make lots of friends and always see people you know when walking around on campus.


I brag about class sizes the most when comparing my school to other schools. Our class sizes are all pretty small so we get a lot of one on one time with our professors that no university or big school could ever receive.