The College of Idaho Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are only interested in going to school to party, those who aren't willing to work hard, who are lazy, and those who do not care to communicate with peers or professors.


Someone who wants to focus on only one area of study shouldn't attend this school because we are required to have a major or minor from each of four "peaks," or areas of study. If you don't want to work hard, don't come here.


Students who are sincerely interested in succeeding and finding a career that will be a life-long fit. The College of Idaho encourages students to partcipate in campus wide activites and become a part of a larger community. Students who are driven and determined to succeed should attend this school


This school is a Liberal arts college. It's very flexible, and I believe anyone can attend. But this college does focus more on a 'wide variety' of learning. So if a person wants to major in one specific thing, they might not want to attend this college. This college is for people who want to have a variety of knowlege, that will allow them to get many different kinds of jobs. So those are the kinds of people that should apply for the College of Idaho.


This college is attractive to people who want to attend a smaller school, and to those who want to pursue degrees that are not in the medical, engineering, or law fields (but it does have pre-programs for those). This campus welcomes people of all backgrounds.


Anybody who is not motivated to learn or willing to work hard for their education. Students at The C of I (formerly known as Albertson College of Idaho) are as excited about learning as the professors are about teaching. It is a waste of time to be here without a mindset to learn.


Anyone who can't be motivated enough to attend class should not come to this school, because they will be wasting money and will not be here very long..