The College of Idaho Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The PEAK program in which in four years a student earns a major and three minors in four different categories of study. Since I don't know what I want to do with my life the broad education at The College of Idaho is very helpfull. Also I love how the teachers really do care about their students and how they are doing. I really love my school and everybody about it.


the dorms, keep the students cozy and anybody is able to complain a reasonable problem and it will be handled


Most of the professors genuinely care about their fields, teaching, and helping students. As such, the education that I have received thus far has been very pertinent, stimulating, and enjoyable.


The best thing about this school is the overall environment. It's like a small community or family. It being a small school is a benefit because it gives students more opportunities to do better, work closely with professors and other students, and to form long lasting relationships.


The best thing is that the professors are extremely engaging, accessible, and willing to help. They want you to succeed and will help you find ways to do so, whether it is extra help outside of class, suggestions for additional study materials, or going over every paper or lecture with you until you understand. They push you, no doubt. The environment is very challenging, but they know we are capable; they help us focus our energies into growing academically and as people.


The major advantage of the College of Idaho is its small size. Being a small college has many advantages, which include smaller class sizes, better access to professors, and a more intimate college experience. Most students are familiar with eachother, mostly all faculty memebers, and important administration members. The close-knit environment is beneficial for social events and learning experience. Teachers and faculty are much more flexible at this college because they tend to know most of the students.


I consider the best thing about The College of Idaho to be that there is such a diverse environment that is present. On our campus it is not just the locals that are present but there are many foreign exchange students that bring new perspective to each one of our lives. Unlike what many people would assume with such diversity, we all get along and intermingle and there is not a sense of fear to casually say 'hello' to someone walking past or even to give a friendly smile to strangers. The school I attend is more than less harmonious.


One of the best characterstics that my school has is that it's a small campus, so the interaction between students and professors is more efficient because it helps the students have a closer approach to their field of study as well as getting involved in outside of school activities.


The best thing about The College of Idaho is the small campus. There are about 1000 students here, everyone is a family. Everyone gets along with each other and helps each other out so we all can succeed. Not once have I ever felt awkward or out of place at this school. Everyone makes you feel at home it is a very strong community that always sticks together.


The best thing about the college of Idaho is the amount of diversity. Not only is their a mass diversity in race and religion, but in ideas and ways of both learning and teaching. I had a roommate who came all the way from Uganda who taught me so many things, and altered my perception on how to live. The professors are also vastly diverse, from all over the country, and even from other countries. Each of their views on life have affected me in drastic, positive ways.


The professors. They're highly intelligent and knowledgable in their fields (and others as well), talented educators, and very concerned with your progress and success. My relationships with my professors are the most valued ones that I have formed.


The reasons I am at this school still are the people and the environment. Everyone is so friendly and it is easy to find a group of people to be great friends. It is also easy to find people to help you with schoolwork, if you are struggling.