The College of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The average TCNJ student is a true leader; we tend to be happy, goal-oriented, passionate, driven, highly-motivated, charasmatic, helpful, and focused on our academics and career prospects.


My classmates, while competitive, are extremely helpful and encouraging, always ready to offer advice and support.


Students here are wide and varied but everyone is serious about their work. Party scene is on Friday, Saturday, and oddly enough Tuesday nights. (Most people don't have class on Wednesday) There are organizations on campus for religious people, we even have a Secular Student Alliance for students with no religious affiliations! About 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body is from New Jersey so it is rare when there are out of staters. Politics aren't a big deal on campus, but we do have clubs for those as well if your interested. Clubs galore for almost anything you can think of if you are looking to get involved, I personally am on the Bowling Club which is a great group of friends that bowl Sunday afternoons and during the winter season travel to tournaments. Overall the student body is very nice and I haven't met a mean person the whole year.


THey are good students, but many think they are smarter than they actually are.


My classmates are friendly and determined to do well. There is a competitive atmosphere here, but everyone wants everyone else to succeed as well. So far I've met a lot of great people who have the same values and goals as I do. I believe that everyone who is at this school really wants to be here and is enjoying their experience very much.


Classmates at TCNJ are friendly and studious; they want to get the most out of the class by enhancing social interactions with classmates.


My classmates at The College of New Jersey are awesome. They are inquisitive, challenging, and able to bring out the best in each other.


The class of 2004 inherited a legacy that we did not yet understand. The college was both expanding and contracting during our tenure (Expanding: more facilities were being added to the campus which increased technology and resources. Contracting: The SAT requirements were steadily increasing which decreased the number of poor and/or minority students to be admitted in the future.)


My nursing classmates are very competitive with one another. However, they are motivated and enthusiastic students.


TCNJ students are straight-edge and friendly, and will go out of their way to help friends, strangers, and enemies alike.


My classmates are dedicated to their work and complete assignments with the goal of discussing them in class.


My students are very ethnically diverse, driven, and fun, with a variety of interests and talents.


My classmates are really approachable, driven, smart people that I feel totally comfortable with when working on group projects or in the field placements.


They are friendly an enthusiastic as you are in making new friends and helping each other out.


My classmates are motivated students looking to achieve greatness in their selected fields.


Intellectual hard working students that are looking to improve their academic standing and challenge themselves in many different fields.


My classmates are mostly eager to learn and interested in what is being taught, and almost all of them are very friendly.


Some of them are great, others are stuck up punks that get everything handed to them!


TCNJ students tend to be overly concerned with academic performace, and don't seem to interact with many of each other socially unless they are involved in a varsity/club sport, fraternity/sorority, or one of the larger clubs.


My classmates in all of my classes have been intelligent, hard working, dedicated, friendly, goal-oriented, well-adjusted, and happy.


Everyone finds a group of friends they share common interests with and get along with.


Inquisitive. Diverse. Intelligent.


They are enthusiastic and generally friendly, though some are annoying because they talk for the sake of talking and getting participation points.


All are high achievers yet also socially interested in the college experience.


Some required classes are seemingly pointless and irrelevant, but electives are interesting.


my classmates are a diverse group of students who provide great input to trhe class discussion.


Most people keep to themselves if they don't already know other people in the class, but the SOCS system allows everyone to be able to contact each other for help or to form study groups, which can be very helpful.




My classmates are, in general, white, middle- to upper-middle class, intelligent, ambitious, weekend partiers.


They are generally very smart and often friendly but a little too cut throat and sometimes pretentious.


There are so many organizations on campus; anything you could possible imagine. And if we dont have it, feel free to start it. My friends just started a Phillipino Dance Club. No one would feel out of place at school because there are so many sports teams (varsity and club) as well as hundreds of organzations ranging from LGBT to different racial organzations. Greek life is huge at TCNJ. 13{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our campus is involved in either a fraternity or sorority which are mulitcultural, greek, and business and education Greek organzations. I love that there are various organzations because we intermingle and everyone is always advertising their respective organziations and holding events. Students usually don't dress up for class; if you come in PJ's, no one will think twice. There are always opportunities for different student's to interact whether it be in the Student Center or anywhere else on campus. Many of the sports people stick together and many of the Greek life people stick together when eating in the dining halls. 95 percent of students are from the state of NJ. After goign to TCNJ for my third year, I've learned so many new areas of New Jersey that I never knew existed. Most students come from middle class families. Some students are politically active; not most of them though. There are all types of political views on campus. We have a College Republican club and also a club where they rally about liberal ideas. It's a very well rounded student body and I always love to meet people on my campus because I always learn something new.


there is a ton of diversity on campus, students who are white, middle class, and from the suburbs will feel out of place (i know i did at first), most students wear jeans or sweats, different types of students do not interact and are very segregated, most tcnj students are from new jersey--- make that all tcnj students, except me and 3 others, are from new jersey, most are from a lower socio-economic class, students are not that politically aware or active, predominantly whatever their parents vote, and students do not discuss future earnings