The College of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's education degree program and it's nursing degree program. It is a small liberal school where the professors know their students' names and where students can receive an almost ivy league level of education for a public school price.


TCNJ is honestly known for its academics. We are highly rated by all the top college surveyers. It's intenstive and rigorous, but it's a mini Ivy League education.


The College of New Jersey is widely acknowledged for being the best Public College in New Jersey. It is a liberal arts college, offering students many different opportunities to gain the best education possible.


TCNJ started as a teaching institution and that is still what it's mostly known for. Biology and business are also well-known programs.


Everything! I would say this it is most well known for its excellent Education program and Nursing program. However, all of the academic areas are very well known as well.


In my opinion, The College of New Jersey is best known for its tightly knit campus community. TCNJ takes great pride in its high academic standing so it is best known for its small classes and its enthusiastic professors. TCNJ and Rutgers University often get compared because they are major state universities of New Jersey, however the two are not comparable when it comes to the dedication of professors. TCNJ classes never exceed thirty students, by the end of the semester the professor knows everyone?s name and are very helpful. Strong bonds are formed between professors and other students.


TCNJ is best known for it's education department. It's also know for the amazing library and the beautiful campus.


Our school is highly known for its great Education department.


TCNJ is best known for it's great education at a great price. It is also known for it's competitive admissions process.


Our school is really well known for providing great competitive academics for the cheapest cost. Our library is also ranked nationally.


Our Library and being one of the most beautiful campuses ever.


The education program (5 year M.A.) as well as the Nursing and Business schools. The campus is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the nation, and the school itself is one of the top 4 year public undergraduate institutions in the nation.