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This school really prides itself on community service and engagement. Also the classes in my major are rather small and theoretically focused, which was looking forward to . And out of the various school I'd visited, the faculty and staff at TCNJ clearly communicated that they expected the best from their students. No other school that I was considering seemed to stress academic excellence as much as TCNJ.


The College of New Jersey offered smaller class sizes, great scientific facilities and equipment, a nice envrionment, and overall good facilities. The cost of education is reasonable compared to what you learn. The professors are extremely knowledgable in their respective fields and are very willing to help their students in any way possible. The campus is gorgeous and there are many places to study or work with other students.


the education and tennis programs are great. it's beautiful and there are so many random places to chill. it's small but big enough that you can even even meet someone you've never met before. it's in the middle of jersey so you can go to either atlantic city, philly, or new york.


The curriculum at The College of New Jersey afforded me the oppurtunity to work with elementary school students prior to student teaching. As a recent graduate from Mercer County Community College, with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant in 2009, I was able to start observing and working with first grade students in the upcoming and fast approaching fall semester. This rare experience provided substantial and invaluable insight in which I was able to determine that my passion of elementary education was as alive as ever.


The classes were really small (no more than 25 students in any of my classes), and the professors were extremely helpful. They were always willing to give extra help if someone needed it.


Well, we now have these gigantic neon colored balls on our campus, that were government funded and are supposed to make our campus more artsy and pretty. Another thing that is unique about The College of New Jersey is that it is a small school, so the classrooms are more one on one with the teachers instead of a lecture hall with 200 students.


My school is unique to the other schools I concidered, because the campus is so beautiful. It is surrounded by two very large lakes and a fantastic landscape. Also at my school I find it very easy to meet very kind people that are easy to get along with. I rarely see people that I know involved in arguements at all, because people settle disputes in a civil and mature manner.


The College of New Jersey is a very challenging academic school , as well as, being a close knit community on and off campus.


class sizes are very small and you get a lot of attention from professors. Also the campus is beautiful!


The College of New Jersey has a private school feel for the cost of a public school. The academics are rigorouse and year by year the school become more selective. The overall feel of the school is just inviting. As long as you put strong work into your classes, you can achieve so much out of this great institution. I can now see why I chose this school over the six other schools that I applied to.


It is a very small school. Professors are extremely intelligent and very engaging. Most of them have the highest degrees in their fields and are published. The library at the college is amazing; it is one of my favorite places on campus. The campus does not feel like a campus; it is more like a close-knit community.


I only applied to this school, but I liked the friendly atmosphere on campus, the size, and most importantly the relativly presigious academic reputation of the school and comparativly low price- great value. I occasionally wish I had gone to a bigger party school but as an active member in greek life I am socially very satisfied, and the quality of academics here I expect surpasses the average party school. The freshman year experiance with my floor was incredible, I formed the strongest friendships of my life there. I could hardly be happier with my time at TCNJ.


The College of New Jersey is a hidden gem. The campus is beautiful, and those who know about the school are aware that it is an extemely competitive school and that it has an excellent academic reputation.


It is very competitive and most students are focused on their school work first and social life second.


It is the perfect size and nature friendly.


There is a natural and effortless sense of community that exists at TCNJ no matter what the dynamic of the student body. Overall students are upbeat and positive and want their fellow student to do well. We are competitive, but only with ourselves, not at the expense of jeopardizing a peer.


The possibility of careers after graduation and the types of internships I could get. There is also a good study abroad program.


This school focuses a lot on community and socializing, especially during freshman year. I love the freshman year experience program and it encouraged me to get more involved on campus and feel comfortable doing so. This school also has the perfect class size and professors who really make the class individualized. Overall, this college has been a great experience.


great education for the price


The community is really great. Every one is very helpful and friendly. It is a place where people are very honest, property rarely gets stolen and i have dropped money up to the amount of a twenty and had another student chase me out of the student center to return it. The campus is beautiful and every building is with in walking distance, our students are usually happy . Its a place just small enough where you know enough people to see some one you know everyday but large enough to meet a new person each day if you wanted to.


since i was a transfer student it was really easy for me to transfer into the new school, they took all my credits so that i was not behind like most people are when they try and transfer credits


The class sizes are very small.


I think i've covered it all. TCNJ is a good school for those who enjoy being involved (even if it's a little bit). It is what you make of it. It's a highly esteemed public institution where you will come out on the top of your game. I love it because not only am I having the time of my life, I am learning. simple as that. I rarely go home and I only live an hour and 15 min away. So anyone who wants to enjoy their four years of college should come to TCNJ


i am transferring. do not go to tcnj if you are from out of state it is very difficult. the people are great but the education is not worth the out of state tuition