The College of New Jersey Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Classes are small enough that the professor will know your name. People in class are very anti-social and I found that I won’t be able to make friends in class that easily and those people you’re only with for a semester for a few hours a week class. My favorite classes tend to be interactive studios where I get to work in class on assignments, the teacher is there if you need help, and it isn’t just one long lecture. I am currently a graphic design major but plan on switching into either Digital Arts or IMM (Interactive Multimedia) and definitely plan on having some type of minor to get the most education in whatever field of study I choose. Some classes the teacher just talks the whole time, others you will work the entire time, and some are half and half. I’ve been having critiques and studio time in my 4 hour art classes. (4 hours sounds like a lot but it’s only once a week and you get really immersed in what you are working on for a solid amount of time) My professors are easy to access outside of class hours and have set office hours when you can meet with them. They are always ready to help aid you in whatever you are working on. The library is the main place to get work done if you are too distracted in your dorm room. Lots of tables, big study rooms for groups, plenty of lighting, and quiet to get work done. There is even a library cafe downstairs where you can get a wide variety of hot and cold drinks and pastries. The work is a build up into whatever major you are working in and you get to be in classes that are your major to begin with starting freshman year instead of just taking general education courses first. General education courses are called liberal learning and are worked in throughout your years here at TCNJ.


YES the professors know my name; Students studying habits depend mostly on their majors and their efforts. I know that you will always see the library chock full of nursing students. Class participation can make or break you in some classes yet some classes, you can just teach yourself by reading the book. I feel when the situation arises, there are many intellectual conversations occuring around campus. The most unique class I've taken was my Visual and Performing Arts class. It was such a nice release; TCNJ has requirements in many areas other than your own major. I like how this works because I feel more well-rounded. Nursing can be overwhelming and very very competitive between the students. The professors are always willing to meet with students on their hours that are assigned for outside class time and sometimes when on 'non assigned' hours. The academic requirements are set high; mininum grade for one of my major nursing classes was set at a B-. The education is geared towards succeeding in general. Being successful is getting a job after for years and learning about yourself and your profession along the way.


professors always know my name, my favorite class was writing family histories with dan crofts (professor), my least favorite was macroeconomics with professor vandergrift, students study all the time, class participation is part of your grade, tcnj students have lots of intellectual convos outside of class, students are competitive, the most unique class i have taken was writing family histories, my major is marketing, and i love it, i do not spend time with professors outside of class, i think tcnj has silly academic requirements that are very confusing, i think the education is geared toward getting a job more then learning for its own sake. i did absolutely no work freshman year and still pulled off a 3.0