The College of New Jersey Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about The College of New Jersey?


The most frustrating thing about TCNJ was on-campus jobs. We were only allowed to work 15 hours, and often times student work hours were limited in their hours because offices didn't want more than 2 student workers at a time. Many students don't have cars, so working on campus was the only chance to earn money.


Job placement


The most frustrating thing about our school would have to be the food opportunities; we have one main cafeteria that is difficult to eat in during the rush hour food times of the day and the quality of the food is also very low. The food is easily the thing on campus that is most complained about.


The most frustrating thing about TCNJ is that as a freshman it can be very difficult to get off of the campus. Freshman are not allowed to have cars and there is nothing within walking distance of the campus. The school does provide a bus service but it does not run very frequently and it does not go to very many places. It takes a lot of planning to organize a trip to Philadelphia or New York. There are so many things that I would love to see in these cities but it is very hard to get there.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the dificulty to get in touch with certain people at certain time. Sometimes, you have to ask ten different people for the same task.


LIttle emphisis placed on research and development and hands on learning within the school of business. The food is terrible. The community has not fully accepted itself as a "college town".


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they base scholarships and certain class placements too heaviily on the SATS. The SATS aren't everything and I would be proof to that. I did excellent in high school and worked extremely hard yet lacked amazing SAT scores and for that was awarded nothing for my hard efforts, not even for being top ten of my class. Not everyone are good test takers or had the equal opportunity to prepare for the SATS. It is sometimes an unfair test, in my eyes at least.


I guess the most frustrating part about going to a relatively small school in Central Jersey is that food is really hit or miss. Eickhoff Hall is really convenient to get to (as the campus is a 10 minute walk across) but the food there kind of spoils appetites. Luckily, there's a Five Guys about a mile down the road.


Not having a downtown to walk around.


The most frustrating quality about The College of New Jersey is its ability to become a small campus bubble if one lets it. Though transportation such as busses and trains are easily available to students to travel Philadelphia, New York, or anywhere else one might want or need to go, the community feeling can become confined in day to day life because one can become self sufficient within campus, not having the need to travel elsewhere.