The College of New Jersey Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The class sizes are small, so a lot of attention is given to the students. The teachers are also flexible and will fit you into their classes most of the time even if the classes are full.


The best thing about The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is the diversity of the population. There is so much to learn from everyone since they all come from different lifestyles, cultures, and areas. Additionally, diversity encourages open-mindedness. One always feels accepted at TCNJ and can easily find their niche, while still feeling comfortable around anyone on campus.


The supportive faculty, available resources, embracement of diversity in the campus community!


the people cause it's a pretty diverse. everywhere you look there's just a different kind of person


The best thing about my school is that I've grown so close with my fellow classmates and professors. There is some competition here, but it's healthy and keeps me motivated. I work well with my classmates, who are now some of my closest friends, and my professors encourage me to do well. I also love knowing that our school has wonderful oppurtunities for graduates and a high job placement rate for seniors. This lets me know that all the hard work I'm doing now will pay off in the end.


The best thing about The College of New Jersey is the sense of community within the school that connects the students, workers, professors, and administration. Because of the unique size of The College of New Jersey, bonds can be formed between everyone and anyone which prompts positive academic encouragement as well as friendships and a feeling of safety and support. Professors become mentors as they make themselves available to students outside of class in order to build respectful and guiding relationships and students are able to make lifelong friends in this strong community oriented environment.


This is a student-oriented college. Professors, staff, and administrators are always willing to help you out, or go above and beyond to seek the results you're looking for. Your success is their top priority, and they will work with you to get the best possible options and outcome from your education and experience on campus.


The campus is gorgeous and the small classes allow the professors to develop a steady rapport with students.


the education level for teachers. This school is one of the best in preparing teachers to go out into the school districts and get jobs to educate the future of america


not that big, not farfrom home, well known school


The space we have. TCNJ is in a suburban area and so, most of the time, it is quiet and serene. During the early days of fall and late days of the spring semester, practically everyone chooses to study outdoors rather than being cooped up in the library.


The faculty and staff of the school have genuine concern for each student.


The best thing about our school is our campus. It is the perfect size and it's beautiful.


This school is always rated very high among other schools. Always called a good buy for the money and a "baby Ivy". It is competitive and has a good reputation among other schools.


The best thing about my school is that it is large enough that there are a multitude of opportunites, but small enough that all these opportunities are in reach. You have the facilities and opportunities to try anything you may have an interest in. I am a part of the theatre clubs, the television station, and the radio station. Since the clubs are relatively small, everyone has a chance to experience all the aspects whether it is being backstage or on stage, producing, using a camera, directing, designing, video editing, being on the executive board, and so forth.


The best thing about TCNJ is the campus community. The people that go to TCNJ are what makes it so great. I've been able to meet so many different types of people with different personalities and have been able to learn various things about myself from them. Also, the students of this campus are very involved and are the driving force behind everything that goes on here from concerts to sports to social groups. Students actually have a say in what goes on here, and I think that's great.


I love the group of people that I associate with.


The small classes and the direct association with the professors.




Welcome Week. When Freshmen first move in, they spend 4 days doing activities with their floor and it proves to be the best experience. Your freshman friends are your friends the rest of your 4 years at TCNJ.


I would say the students are one of the best things at my college. They are all quite friendly and happy to be here. And when needed there is usually someone around who is more than willing to help.