The College of New Rochelle Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It has a beautiful campus.


The College of New Rochelle was challenging and rewarding. The teachers push you and epect the best from you. They see your potential and want you to reach your goals.


A small liberal arts Catholic all-girl college right outside New York City. It may not be very career oriented, or an overwhelmingly social school, but you can be assured of a strong liberal arts education. The old stone buildings along with a beautifully renovated library and a brand new Wellness Center, it has a pretty atmosphere. There are some amazing professors and those you wont like, many weekends are dull, but there are possibilities so long as you are creative to make this school work for you.


Its a small school where you get to know everyone but has a low social life


The College of New Rochelle is a small, friendly school that will prepare you for work and/or graduate school.


In order to make it at CNR you must study hard attend all classes and it's best if you get to know the faculty and staff. Doing so helps out in so many ways. Also it looks good on your resume when you have participated in clubs and or organizations because CNR is not good for helping you get a job or internships while in or after college.




College of New Rochelle is a really quiet school with students really focused on their studies.


My school is small and usually quiet.


CNR is a great school for the acedmically inclined who join the honors program and get involved on campus, but if you choose to not do anything it can be very boring. The key is getting yourself out there.


The College of New Rochelle was one of the most rewarding experiences that I had after returning back to school after 20 years. Every night I was eager to learn. I learned so many transferable skills that would help me in the future while completing my masters degree.