The College of New Rochelle Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Studentstatus are of all ages, I'm 36, there are students younger, some my age and I'll older, this makes class conversations more interesting.


CNR is by far one of the best educational institutions I have attended. Everyone makes you feel welcome and, as an older student, I have always experienced acceptance and a warm welcome from all students in any class I have taken. Overall, students are accepting, understanding, helpful and kind. There is a very diverse population, and I truly enjoyed my time at The College of New Rochelle. It is the only educational institution I made friends and have remained friends with. Lots of fond memories!


CNR classmates are diverse, focused, strong, and intellegent females.


The CNR student body is incredibly diverse. Most people attending the school are local, but a few students do come from far away places like Texas, California, Greece, and Morocco. However, pretty much all the students are Catholic. In the last few years there have been an increasing number of Muslim students, but the school caters almost entirely to their Catholic population. It might be uncomfortable to attend CNR if you are a religious person who isn't at least a Christian. Racially, the school is very diverse. Socio-economically, the school ranges from lower class to middle class, but I think the largest portion of students is probably considered to be from a lower socio-economic class. There is a good amount of LGBT students on campus, but they are not accepted by the administration. It is very very difficult to get a conversation going on campus about LGBT equality (we aren't allowed to discuss marriage equality) and the club that attempted to start last year failed because CNR could not accept the gay lifestyle. This is very unfortunate, and as a member of this community it hurt a lot. I seriously considered transferring after I got the news. There is a split between politically aware students and students who are willfully ignorant. For example, probably about 25% of the student body identifies as feminists, but most students reject the politics. This is either because they simply cannot be bothered to care or refuse to let go of their misconceptions of feminism. I find this ironic that at a women's college so many students would reject the feminist movement which allowed them access to higher education in the first place! Overall, students tend to mix pretty well. There are no particular cliques, unless you get involved in the underground sororities on campus.


At The College of New Rochelle, my classmates are friendly, helpful, and supportive.


The friendliness of my classmates at College of New Rochelle made my transition to college life more comfortable.


My classmates are diverse and most are involved in school activities.


My classmates were very motivated as much as me to finish college a half semester ahead of time and we learned alot from each other.


Eager to learn.


They are very ethnically diverse and focused.


Friendly, fun, helpful, and caring.


Very uninterested, stick to themselves dont care people.


They are usually friendly and share the same interests.


Everyone is very independent, some childish behavior can be seen between girls, and specially drama


My classmates are interesting and some can be friendly but for the most part there is no one I can truly talk to and connect with. Everyone seems to be in their own little world and looking out for their own agendas rather than wanting to help meet new friends.