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As an adult, returning to school to continue my education, I find that this institution provides the flexibility my life requires to continue to work as a full time employee and pursue my degree as a full time student. I also find it a blessing that I can take 6 credit courses which allows me the opportunity to earm my degree in less time. The small classes provide for a more imtimate and conducive learning environment which has been very instrumental in helping me to maintain a 4.0+ GPA.


I kind of wish I had transferred out of CNR when I had the chance my first year. They are not very accepting of students who don't fit into the perfect idea of what a student should be, and I've seen administrators hurt my friends in ways that no school should ever do to their students. They are totally unsupportive of students with disabilities, and I'm not convinced that they totally adhere to the law in this area. I also find their rejection of the campus LGBT community to be disgusting and shameful. However, my academic experience has been very good. It is my opinion that if you don't plan on living on campus or being involved with too many activities, you will probably be just fine at CNR. If you plan to focus on your studies and aren't interested in doing too much else, CNR is very good and has a highly supportive faculty who truly wants to help their students succeed. However, prepare to be disappointed by the campus social life.


the location, class sie, activites, and the warm inviting feeling were all differnt from the other school I considered for undergraduate work. IWhen I first steeped in campus i felt a feeling of De ja vu as if I was meant to be there at that time amongst those people.


My school were unique because the classes were based towards adults and family. Meaning the classes were 6 credits and four instead of 3 or 2 which one was not there everyday.


Well CNR is a much smaller school as well as a liberal arts school, rather than business or with pre-career tracks. It is farther away from home for me. Social life is nearly nonexistant here, though that is good for my GPA. It is an all girls school, which adds to the social problem. Class sizes are always less than 15 students which are always taught by professors. Not many options for food, due to the small size of our population.


diversity and its a all women college


It is a small college


It's an all womens college but only accepts men if they are majoring in Nursing.