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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Can't say, not involved, I'm an evening weekend student.


The most popular groups on campus are probably CNR drama and the Black Student Union. I have been involved with several groups, including Women In Lasting Defense of the Environment (WILDE), Campus Ministry, holding a class presidency, Athletics (swimming), and I am a Resident Assistant. I also am very involved in the Honors program, serving on the Honors Board all four years, attending conferences, and editing the Honors publication "Femmes D'Espirit." There is a relatively small number of students that get involved with campus activities, and almost all of us become the student leaders. Students in the residence halls don't often leave their doors open because we have had a problem with thefts on campus. Even when residents are in their rooms their doors are most often closed. CNR students tend to like their privacy. CNR has a brand new Wellness Center, so attending sports events on campus is a pretty popular past time. Guest Speakers tend to be best attended by the faculty, but I've enjoyed going to a few of them. Everybody attends the drama club productions, they put on amazing shows. "The dating scene" at CNR is basically non-existent. There are only four men who live on campus. I met my closest friends on campus by walking past them having a discussion about quidditch in a common room, and I decided to jump into their very excited nerdfighter-y conversation. Students tend to hang out and watch movies together, order some food, and have homework parties. Regular parties generally happen about twice a semester and are well-attended. Frat are not allowed on campus, but there are a few sororities that CNR students can join. The CNR campus is fairly close to New Roc City, where there is food, a movie theater, an arcade, and bowling. A lot of CNR students hang out there when they need to get off campus. If you are lucky enough to make friends with someone who has a car, there are also a few area malls.