The College of Saint Rose Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Although I still have two more weeks until I am officially a student at The College Of Saint Rose, I have visited a numbe of times, and judging my orientation, I can justify that just about everyone in my class is friendly, involved, and determined.


The classrooms are a small size so its only about 28 students in each room so everyone was able to get to know eachother. we all helped each other with homework and did a lot of study sessions I met most of my long term friends in a classroom.


Since the school is so small, everyone acts like it's high school. It's extremely cliquey, and it doesn't change after your freshman year. A lot of rich white students.


Very racist and stuck up country town people


They are fun,energetic people who are enjoyable to learn with.


Friendly and helpful


My classmates are attentive, respectful, friendly, helpful.


My classmates at St. Rose are all very focused and hardworking.


Ego centric