The College of Saint Rose Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who is looking for one on one interaction with their teachers. Maybe you went to a small high school like myself or maybe you high school was too large and you found that you couldn't do well in that setting.


Someone who wants a liberal arts education, in a school where theres always new people to meet, but not so many that you feel lost.


Definitely if you are looking to go into teaching. Also someone who doesn't like the idea of staying on campus all the time. Since it is in the city of Albany, there is a lot to do within walking distance that is not affiliated with the school. Someone who is an artist or musician. The art building is awesome. They are currently updating the communications department so I am sure it will greatly improve for future communication students.


Friendly, outgoing, unique, artistic, talented, likes to have fun and learn.


someone looking to gain an extensive education.


A person who is friendly, optimistic, open-minded and has a sense of conscience.


A person looking forward to starting their career, whether it be business, education, communication, or graphic design, with an appropriate and comprehensive education should attend The College of Saint Rose.


Most of the students here are very liberal minded people, and they all work very hard for their goals. So someone who wants to do well in life, should come to the college of saint rose.


Someone who enjoys going out and having fun in a city, but who is also looking for that small space (small classes, one-on-one relationship with teachers). It's nice to be in a huge city, yet have your own privacy on such a small campus.


A person who likes Small Classes


Any one can attend this school that wants a small class environment of about 20 students. The student has to be willing to work hard for his or her degree because Saint Rose is good but tough on their students to get the best education possible. It's a career based school so the student would need to have the degree offered here.