The College of Saint Rose Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Don't go the Saint Rose if you want a College experience straight out of the movies. There is no Greek life, there are no Project X parties, there is no Foot Ball.


Someone who isn't hardworking, and someone with no strive or passion.


Someone that does not want to work and be involved with the class and community or with others.


A person who isn't dedicated to their school work and their campus environment or people who are just looking for a place to party.


I believe this college is right for anyone, people seem to be friendly and very helpful. I have social anxiety and was treated with great respect and kindness when I went for orientation.


People who are very closed minded and unwilling to accept (simply put) different ways of life. I have learned more about poor/economically struggling people, people of different nationalities and sexual orientations than I ever have before, and most of it wasn't intentional. At Saint Rose, you meet people from all walks of life and that's no joke. Additionally, people who are arrogant or just act fake shouldn't attend either, because that fades really fast with the people you hang out with. It can also create real issues with your roommate. And please, go here to study.


People who are very shy, or people who aren't good at keeping themselves busy and finding new hobbies, should not attend this school.


If you're looking for a bustling campus and surrounding city, Saint Rose is located in quieter up-town Albany, and has about 2,500 undergraduate students, so it's probably not going to be your cup of tea. There's not a whole lot that goes on on the weekend, simply because most of the students either commute, or live close enough that they can go home really often.


no answer


One who would prefer a large campus with lots of students.