The College of Saint Rose Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that there was a concentration required along with your education classes. This means that I not only have to take education classes but social studies classes because that is my chosen concentration. There should be more of an emphasis on learning about various aspects of education, not on a separate concentration. This leaves little room for flexibility when planning out my schedule for each semester. I am barely able to fit everything in and some people have to graduate later than they originally intended.


What I wish I had known before coming to Saint Rose is more information about the clubs/activities and amazing opportunitys offered on campus. This is one aspect of my college that was not spoken much about and wich that it was. As I went through my freshman year I learned about so many clubs and groups one could join. Saint Rose has so many things to offer that I never knew held in store for me.


The lack of student activities/involvement in student activities


There is nothing that I would have liked to know because the professors informed me what I would be getting into before I arrived here.


If people graduated on time


I wish I had known how difficult it would be to find a job on or around campus. Had I known this before I graduated from highschool, I would have done much more researching when it came to looking for scholaships.


I wish I knew more about the students that already attended the school. It wouldn't have made me change my mind into not attending this school, but it would have been helpful in my decision making process.


I wish I had known that there wasn't much to do on weekends and there weren't really many clubs to participate in. I also wish I'd realized how cold and windy the school is most of the year.


Nothing, i researched it extensively and am happy with the decision.


There is little to no social life on campus for a commuter.


The teacher's personalities and ways of their teaching would be helpful prior to entering at Saint Rose. There are some professors that I felt were not my style in teaching and would have avoided them and took other classes. Also I wish I knew what teaching was like so I didn't enroll in teaching than switch to an English major. Then I would not have lost all that time and wasted classes.