The College of Saint Scholastica Top Questions

Describe the students at The College of Saint Scholastica.


Everyone here is very friendly. No matter how cool you were back in high school or how not cool you were, it dosn't matter anymore. Just be yourself and your college experience will be a good one. Everyone an adult here and almost everyone acts like one, If your the kid that like to bully kids, well it just makes you look stupid in college.


My classmates are devoted to their learning experiences, and very motivated with their school work.


Career-focused, driven, friendly.


My classmates are smart and ougoing. Its easy to talk to someone and make friends.


My classmates are similar to me in that we are focused on accademics, have a hard work ethic, want to accomplish our goals, and strive to do our best. We like to have fun by spending time together doing fun activities on and off campus.


High energy people looking to have a good time but still interested in academics, especially in health science.


My classmates are very supportive and interesting people that I can rely on to keep me focused and optimistic.