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My school has a cemetary for the sisters behind the building. Also, the teachers are very involved in the student learning and understanding process.


It really cares about its students and tries to do everything that it can to help them succeed during and after school.


St. Scholastica had the one on one attention I was looking for, my major, and the opportunity for me to be involved in athletics.


It is a smaller school, so the class sizes are smaller. This makes one-on-one time between the teachers and students much easier and more helpful. Since it's smaller, there is more of a sense of community.


The location! I have always thought that the area was one of the most beautiful areas around! It has everything and you can experience all the seasons and use the attractions around to help! The beach, the ski hills, the downtown life and still have the comfort, space and privacy of the country and beautiful woods! Not only is the area around campus extraordinary, the school itself is well known and a part of the history here; the tower building (aka castle) is well known for being an attractive sight!


Lots of Hotties, I go here, Lake Superior, Castle like structure, Good Nursing Program