The College of Saint Scholastica Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about The College of Saint Scholastica? Why?


The lack of large group events on the weekends. A lot of people go home on the weekends. You can also choose to go to church there.


The thing that I consider the worst thing about the college is the way the students treat alcohol. There seems to be a lot of drinking since we are a wet campus.


Parking. Parking is completely rediculous. They sell way more parking permits wih few parking space. Worst of all, they issue tickets hapharzardly even though they know they have a problem.


There are some minor housekeeping issues that I have when it comes to the dorms. Our laundry facilities are not very good. At least one machine is always broken and there are only two washers for three wings of females. It is free, however, so that makes up for the technical short-comings.


Not going to lie, the food in the cafeteria isn't the greatest on some days.


Location. It's not real close to any shopping areas. Hard to get around without a car. City bus service is available, but that's time-consuming.


Our school tends to have clicks. The kids that were popular in High School hang together, those who drink a lot hang together, those of a different ethnicity hang together. But when it comes to classes everyone participates and is willing to share their story or opinion.


The boy to girl ratio which is about 1:3.


Classes with unclear guidelines and expectations, expecting a paper to be exact what the teacher expects with only the format information and topic.


Housing availability