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What kind of person should not attend The College of Saint Scholastica?


The type of person that i would say should attend this school would be someone that is not only focused on learning about their studies, but also about who they are as a human being and in their faith. I think that this school is very focused on learning about human dignity and the Benedictine values (community, respect, hospitality, stewardship, and the love of learning) that their students should follow throughout their lives.


A person without a dream nor passion, or who isn't ready to sacrifice and work hard, and a person who feels as if having other people's in one life isn't important would have a hard time in college overall, but esepcially at a school like this because community is non-doubtebly the most appreciated value in our college. Without people - the right people for that matter - it is nearly to have a gratifying experience that will leave a good mark on one's present and future.


People who are not very self-motivated more than likely shouldn't come here. There is a lot of group work and outside of class assignments that require a great deal of focus, good time management skills, and a lot of self-motivation and self-determination. Also, students who are unsure of their major shouldn't attend, as the college is extremely pricey.


When I completed this program, it was an accelerated program at a satellite campus; my suggestion to future students is to ensure you have the time and dedication to complete an accelerated program.


People who have many jobs and want to beat time. There is a lot of inflexibility to such people.


Someone who prefers smaller class sizes and a smaller campus. Its a catholic college but less than half of the students are catholic. The college is known for their Health Majors like Nursing, OT, and PT. Anyone who loves winter should go to school in Duluth. With the smaller campus size we also have UMD close and they enjoy having CSS students apart of their activitie.


The type of person who should not attend the College of St. Scholastica is someone who is not concerned with their future career and who is not academically focused and involved. A person who enjoys larger, more impersonal classes and a larger city should also not attend the College of St. Scholastica. Someone who does not enjoy nature very much might also not enjoy the campus.


True American Conservatives who enjoy thier personal rights and want to be able to own guns in the future. Catholics who want to be able to express their opinions and beliefs without being criticizied by face only Christians who blatantly violate Christian beliefs with their liberal stances on issues. Small town people with a true undestanding of common sense. People who dodnt want to be subject to an immensely irrational enviornmentalist push.


Conservative, small town, self respecting individuals.


Anybody can attend this college!