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What should every freshman at The College of Saint Scholastica know before they start?


I would tell myself to calm down and focus. Everybody pressures you to make the right decision right off the bat, and it's impossible to know for sure if the decision is the correct one. I am currently working on transferring colleges, because I made the wrong decision, and it’s okay! I would say that life throws many choices and opportunities at your face, sometimes you catch the wrong ones, and let the right ones hit you. But, the right ones will just bounce off and you can always go back and pick them up later.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself the advice of trying to become financially prepared to go to college. I would tell myself that I need to apply for as many scholarships that I qualify for. When I got the first bill that I had to pay for going to this school, it was a huge surprise. I knew what the tuition was supposed to be and I recieved a scholarship from the school that I am attending. For some reason, I thought that the scholarship was going to cover a much larger percentage of the tuition than it actually did. I was surprised about the amount that I still had to pay to the school with a loan. I would give myself the advice of trying to find other ways to pay for schooling, such as scholarships or grants, to help keep the amount as low as possible that I would need to recieve in a loan.


Some words of advice I'd give myself as a high school seniour: Keep things simple, but work hard - I believe that we live in a generation where we like to contemplate things too much instead of acting upon them, and if we do, our actions aren't as decisive as we intended. Sometimes all we need to do is give our best, and hope for the best. Appreciate the right people in your life - It's easy to take so many things for granted in high school, especially our relationships with other people. The time after high school is critical because you are maturing and seeking to properly develop yourself as a person. Doing this is impossible without the influence and support of other people in your life. Learn from your mistakes - Do not dwell or ignore your shortcomings, but rather humbly accept them and prove to *yourself* above everyone else that you're capable of learning from your own wrongdoings. Be yourself but always look to improve yourself - You are unique, special like no other. Do not deviate from who you are, but rather make yourself a better person for the things and the ones you love.


I would tell my eighteen year old self that pride isn't a virtue and you should ask for help or to go and talk to teachers when you're lost. I'd also tell myself to form study groups for examens so that you wouldn't slack on studying for tests. It is really important to start volunteering and/or being involved in extra curricular activities such as clubs from the start, otherwise your college carreer will fly by and during your senior year you'll be thinking "Crap! I have so much to accomplish in this year!". Schedule out your days to make it easier to have a social life and still succeed at school and most important of all, believe in yourself and don't let boys or life drama be a distraction, it only causes trouble and bad grades.


I would tell myself not to wait a year before going to college and get a job. I would also tell myself to focus on my music and art career instead of guys. It is a whole lot better than what I am dealing with now.


Invest not only in your classes and homework, but also in the professors. Let them help you and give you guidance. Put the effort in and try to learn everything you can. You're not going to love every one of your teachers, but when you find one you really admire, that's a treasure. Invest in friends and invest in personal time. Make sure you're separating yourself from everything and everyone and taking long walks. You need to be able to think about your life without the input and pressure of the people around you. Then, when you figure out what you want to do, do it. Don't wait. There is no time like the present and the people who achieve their dreams are the people that live them everyday.


i would tell myself the path down the road is good dont mess it up


I would go back in time and begin with a little more research into college life after high school. Picking an academic college was important to me. But I didnt believe I needed a lot of time to visit and compare my institutional opportunities. Playing sports contributed to my decision also, but I didnt pick my university based on that perspective. Knowing what I gathered throughout my time during and after college, I should have investigated more financial numbers on what I will end up dealing with when paying for school and the loans afterwards. Private versus public places of higher learning did not give me much of an advantage in my graduating area of expertise. I could have save a lot of money. Also, I should have researched more on the potential job outlook and possibilities of gaining one immediately after graduation. I should have done more comparisons and asked more questions to people already working in my profession as to recommendations for colleges in my area of study that will help me financially along with the best career placement support.


The best possible advice I could give myself would be to take education more seriously. Taking the time as a senior in high school to complete the available AP classes and to learn how to properly study for a class would help in transitioning from a high school senior to a college freshman. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to be more involved from the beginning of my college life with activities on campus. Whether it be clubs, organizations, or sports, being and staying involved in college activities helps to cement the fact that this is a new phase in life where great things can happen if the opportunity is taken advantage of.


Do not procrastinate and get things done. If you have any problems with anything, talk to someone. Get all financial things sorted as soon as possible. Sign up for classes right away, do not wait until the next semester starts.