The College of Saint Scholastica Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about The College of Saint Scholastica?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the mediocrity and the conformity. Most of the students fit within the same description and are waiting for life to happen to them. This is frustrating because they are all smart and unique and have no idea how to apply that to achieve their dreams.


This college has become more expensive. Without financial aid, grants, and scholarship help your loans after graduation will be enormous. The college landscape and infrastructure make it difficult for parking and transporting around campus. The unpredictable weather contributes to the potential falls from walking and vehicle accidents. The school population is smaller than your average campus. The social gatherings and atmosphere are not highly promoted. Lastly, the classrooms are of an older nature. The business of intellectualism is not made a part your experience but more like the only activity expected as a member within this college society.


The most frustrating thing as a freshman is not having an adivsor in your major. When trying to pick classes, the only person you have to go to is your Dignitas professor, who is not trained in helping students choose classes and who may not be involved in your major at all.


The most frustrating thing about my school was the lack of coordination between the main campus and the satellite campus where I took my classes. The satellite campus I attended no longer offers a bachelor's degree in nursing.


How expensive room and board is.


The fact that its is located in one of the coldest and snowiest towns I have ever been to.


In the winter its cold.


The most frustrating is that our school is so involved with making outer community relations that sometimes it feels as though the students are forgotten. Every one in the hallway makes a point to say hi but there is a feeling of force as they say it. So the welcoming feeling at our college is forced and it is not a warm atmosphere as i expected from a smaller school. Plus parking is a huge issue!


Too liberal - narrow mindset, teachers are stuck-up - don't accept criticism of class problems, institutionally political, both students and staff play favorites with each other and across peer groups