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I've loved it here, but it is really up to the student to choose if they are going to enjoy their college experience. I'm willing to create my own fun at times when there isn't stuff to do, but I'm okay with that. There are lots of awesome people here!


Exceptional education. Great for students coming from smaller communities or looking to go to a top graduate school. Very strong family heritage. If you want individualized instruction within a close-knit community Wooster may be for you.


The focus on Independent Undergraduate research is key to the college's curiculum, and is fostered in a small, non-pretensious learning enviornment. Professors and facuilty are accessible and will go out of their way to help you. Though COW is less known when compared to nearby Kenyon or Oberlin, the merits of this school contribute to a high level of success among Wooster graduates. Many go on to earn Ph.Ds in their fields as a result of their COW education. Also, the campus is stunningly beautiful.


The Junior and Senior Independent Study Program. It gives students a chance to do their own research in their field before they even graduate, giving them a step up over other job applicants and grad school applicants.


Very small and friendly.


The Independent Study program, which is basically where you have to write a thesis your senior year. In preparation for this project, the academic focus is strongly on independent thought, theorizing, and writing.


They have a rigorous Independent Study Thesis project that every senior needs to complete. It requires a full year of research in the major field, and the thesis usually ends up being around 100 pages. The school really prepares their students to write well.


A very research and writing based curriculum with professors who put students first and a very diverse student base from all 50 states and many different racial, national, religious, and political backgrounds.


The small classes and personal attention from the professors make it unique.


The music you hear around campus is bagpipes. This addition to the marching band makes for a very unique sound around campus. Everyone on campus is friendly and the campus is small to allow for more social interactions among the students. The small classrooms also allow for a better interaction with the professor and they will remember you name.


Wooster offers a beautiful campus, which is convieniently located near grocery stores. The college has a bagpipe and drum band, which is a HUGE part of our identity and pride. Tradition is strong at Wooster.


There is no way to describe a typical student. Most schools can describe a typical student, but Wooster has so many different types of people and professors, that it can't be captured in a mere description. It has to be experienced.


Wooster combines people that are really driven but still like to have fun. People are driven but not overy competitive. Everyone is willing to help everyone else. It's a great academic atmosphere! People really love Wooster and usually come back to visit even after graduation.


Because it's all-residential, Wooster is a place to make incredibly strong friendships. I never felt like I fit in in anywhere so well. Independent Study offers students the chance to do serious research on whatever you're most passionate about. The College assists students in this research by grants (that paid for my friends to travel to China, Cyprus, South Africa, UK...) and weekly, hour-long meetings with your adviser focused on your resarch, writing, methods, and goals. We have a beautiful campus, a good mix of people, and lots of things to get involved in.


We have RAP- Random Acts of Piping.


Wooster is truly a community. People bond, and with 1800 students, you almost always see a familiar face, but it's never as if you've met everyone. Professors want to help you and many welcome students into their homes, and the atmosphere is laid-back, but yet the students are generally very intelligent and high achievers. I am constantly intellectually stimulated and challenged in an envrionment that is not intimidating, and I always feel encouraged to grow without pressure.